Because who has time to mix a cocktail anymore?

Who has time to mix a cocktail? Did you know, they sell beverages with the work already done for you? We're here to see if they're worth it …

BuzzBallz Peachballz

Tastes like: Blended Peach Rings soaked in everclear, covered in melted sugar. Also, Ballz have to be a main ingredient as well.
Worth it? Other than a chance to deliver the clumsy pick-up line “Want some balls in your mouth?” there’s no reason to drink this.
Overall: 1/5

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey and Cola

Taste like: Off-brand Coke mixed with Beam, filtered through an old boot. RC Cola is for poor middle schoolers, not for boozin’.
Worth it? Not really. A handle of Jack and a two-liter of Coca-Cola cost about the same, and it’ll get you ten times drunker.
Overall: 3/5

Kahlua White Russian

Taste like: Boozy chocolate milk. Since we’ve never had vodka, Kahlua and cream in the office at the same time, we’re in love.
Worth it? Totally. And pour one of these monsters into your morning coffee, and this hair of the dog will kill even a jungle juice hangover.
Overall: 5/5

Soleil Mimosa

Taste like: Watery Tang, nickels, flat sparkling wine and sadness.
Worth it? No. In a big way. For god’s sake, just buy some cheap juice and $4 bottle of bubbles.
Overall: 1/5

Gosling’s Dark and Stormy

Taste like: A weird rum cocktail made by people who had nothing else to drink.
Worth it? If you’re some kind of psychopath who drinks rum, then maybe. But if you actually like rum, you’ll probably drink something better.
Overall: 2/5

Jose Cuervo Margaritas

Taste like: A good-ass (but sugary-ass) margarita, perfect for any drinking you do in the sun.
Worth it? Yeah, why not? Throw it on the rocks and you’re in business. Cuervo has been in the cheap tequila game for too long to ignore.
Overall: 4/5