Here's your news on drugs: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. To inform, to lift, to liberte.

1. Water! You can have water! Top cops say music festivals and concerts can give out drug education literature and water to keep partiers from dropping dead. Both these have been arguably illegal for 15 years under the RAVE act, which sought to make music promoters proxy cops in the Drug War.

2. The War on Drugs is a failure, a big new UN drug report reports, one of hundreds of reports reported by reporters reporting the same thing. "Drug War Fails" was a shocking headline … in 1986. This new report reports the same reports as the old reports, which is that the Drug War hasn't reduced supply but has negatively impacted health, freedom, crime, corruption and development.  

For catchier a report about the same news, this interweeber song with Ron Paul nailed it back in 2013.

And Jay Z reported it right in 2016.

But the Drug War rolls on under its own kinetic energy. We need a jobs program for DEA agents.

3. A guy fought off thieves with a bong, a viral video showed. And they say weed makes you passive:

4. Miami police are offering opioid addicts rehab instead of prison.

5. An e-cig company out of China put boner medicines into vape pens, the FDA said, slipping the active ingredients in Viagra and Cialis into their e-cig nicotine mix. One of the products was even called E-Cialis. Is that a vape pen in your pocket or are you just violating the rules about prescription drugs?  

6. The Pizza Guy, a resaurant in Dallas, offered solid poison control advice that went viral: 

7. CBD, the "medicinal" part of marijuana, reduces public speaking anxiety, a study showed.

8. Lots of local elections about cannabis this fall. In North Dakota and Michigan, they're voting on adult-use; in Missouri and Utah, it's about medical. In 16 counties in Wisconsin, they're asking for advice on cannabis. One city, Racine, Wisconsin, has seven cannabis questions. And Dayton, Ohio, has a question about it. Dayton! Drug control is moving from the federal to the local level.  

9. The feds are asking for input on whether cannabis should remain a schedule 1 drug. Thousands of people already have told them, here, that it shouldn't. Millions more people, by contrast, give less than a fuck what the government says.