A Nutscape is exactly what you’d imagine it would be: a pair of uneven testicles dangling in the foreground of a majestic landscape.

Right on the heels of the ever-popular #FreeTheNipple campaign, a new website called Nutscapes has taken the lead for a male initiative to liberate their own unsightly genitals with their very own #FreeTheScrote campaign.

To achieve scrotal liberation, dudes are submitting photos of their lopsided balls dangling over majestic landscapes en masse.

"I believe Nutscapes has great artistic depth because it touches upon both a low-brow vulgarity and a high-brow concept," Nutscapes creator, Clancy Philbrick told Mashable via email. "Simply, testes are f*cking funny. Always have been; always will be. They add humor to a subject matter, landscape photography, that is typically a little dry."


Philbrick believes Nutscapes is not only a new selfie of sorts, the platform also has the potential to open up social dialogues. As noted in the interview: “The positioning of testes looming over these landscapes proposes a lot of interesting questions in regards to mankind versus nature, stewardship, environmental responsibility, future progeny and masculine vulnerability.”

Right on; nothing quite says “I came, I saw, I conquered,” like a picture of a regal, ice-capped mountains with a pair of sagging balls hanging in the foreground.

However, not everyone believes in the humanitarian and artistic cause of Nutscapes. As of this morning, their Instagram account has been suspended. All is not lost though; individuals looking to submit their own photos for consideration can send their posts to the Nutscapes website or Twitter account for a chance to partake in this history-making movement.

Check out some of Nutscapes most stunning submissions: