More, more, more Colorado hip-hop please!

The past year for the Denver hip-hop scene has been intense, and as we run the calendar down, local artists continue to push the same limits that are getting the fans to respond and the rest of the country taking notice. This week, just like every other week we've been on one, the state has had a plethora of local music busting through our speakers. Here's some:

H – "5 AM (ft. Jim Swim, Yasi, & Doze One)"

“5 AM” is produced by local rapper/producer H, and features one of the most scintillating, laid-back beats you’ve ever heard. With an instrumental as unique as this, artists must concentrate on matching their verse to the vibe. That’s exactly what these artists in the piece have done, giving it the feel of an Earl Sweatshirt song, in which you aren’t sure whether to feel happy or depressed. However it makes you feel, we’re sure you’ll enjoy one of our favorite new tracks of the list.

Tommy Brown – "Pills"

Tommy Brown has already shown that he’s one of the most impressive artists in the state, and this new single “Pills” only illustrates this further. The press release for the song describes it as, “about getting what you want and knowing what to do with it.” Well, Tommy Brown certainly has it and “Pills” is proof that he knows what to do with it.

Rob4Real – "Pieces" X "Fuck 12"

Rob4Real is back again with a new video to his songs “Pieces” and “Fuck 12”. We always appreciate the creativity and nonconformity of Rob — and his upcoming project has our mouth’s watering in anticipation. Rob’s talents are unique and plentiful, and you can tell he cares deeply about his finished products. Shot by Jeremy Pape, this video is another triply adventure over great music. Watch and enjoy!

Trayce Chapman – "Clarity"

This video came out a couple of weeks back, and we haven’t been able to sleep knowing we didn’t post it on our recaps. The video production is wild, the song production is impressive, and Trayce Chapman’s lyrics are above and beyond. I’ll leave you with a quote from the song and let the video speak for itself: “I be thinking bout a lot, like everything that I could be, they say life is what you make, it if I take it how it’s given, I’ll be living on my knees”