If you’ve ever wondered which festivals hosts the horniest crowd … it’s Burning Man. Surprise, surprise. 

But that obvious event of carnal satiation is closely followed by Coachella, then Chicago’s Lollapalooza. At least that’s what the U.K.-based sex-toy retailer Lovehoney* found after surveying 1,545 freaky consumers about their music festival coitus habits. According to the site, 18 percent of festival attendees have had sex at a festival, and a further 30 percent think that sounds like a real swell idea but haven't yet done it.

… but there’s still hope.

Top 5 Festivals Where People Do It:

1. Burning Man
2. Coachella
3. Lollapalooza
4.Austin City Limits
5. South by Southwest

Lovehoney also asked surveyors which of Coachella’s 2018 music artists they would most want to bump-and-grind to, and the answer was the Queen Bey, Beyoncé, with 11 percent. Which means, if you hear “Single Ladies” or “Drunk In Love,” haul ass to the dance floor.

A Perfect Circle took runner up at 7.5 percent, and The Weeknd shortly after with 7 percent (again, no surprise since this beautiful sexy-moan-maker is the modern-day Marvin Gaye). We suspect the jack-rabbit thrusters voted for Eminem at 4.5 percent and finally Cardi B with 4 percent.

But before assuming all men and women at Coachella are lust-hungry sexual deviants, take note of Plenty of Fish’s 2017 survey that surveyed 1,800 singles across the U.S. between the ages of 18-40, one asking if they'd ever get freaky at a music festival. To a shocking result (NOT),  84 percent of men expressed wanting to hook up, versus only 41 percent of women … meaning not to assume every chick with a crop-top and ass cheek-shorts wants your verga.

Plenty of Fish also asked singles "What going to Coachella says about someone" — which predominantly described attendees as “adventurous” and “having great musical taste.”

Indeed, music may be one of the greatest aphrodisiacs, as top-button scientists have long proven one key function of music is arousal. The founder of Lovehoney says, “Music and sex have been intricately linked in our culture and they are both powerful forces that bring people together … It’s encouraging to know that consumers have a healthy appetite to combine both and are able to find sexual happiness anywhere they are.”

Fun fact: Lovehoney even makes music festival sex toys including biodegradable toys wipes and USB rechargeable vibrating panties.

But it’s true and backed by science: music is sexy. (In fact, some people have attested to getting “skin orgasms” from listening to tunes.) A study in "Psychology of Music" found that women are more likely to give their phone number to a man carrying a guitar case, while another study found a man’s musical abilities affect a woman’s attraction to him. Particularly during the fertility phase of their menstrual cycle, women have a stronger attraction toward men who are able to create complex music compositions, as musical adeptness translates to greater masculinity.

As for what tunes work best, country music has been scientifically shown to reduce the sex appeal of both men and women (unless you’re Gwen Stefani). And lastly for you ladies going to music festivals for both the music and fling potential, if you see a Hunky Mchunk-hunk in the crowd go and bob your head to the music. The same study above showed men were strongly attracted to women they shared musical tastes with.

So … which weekend will you be at?

*Moreover, the Lovehoney survey showed 26 percent of survey takers had participated in oral sex, four percent in group sex and four percent in anal sex.

[originally published April 09, 2018]