Things are a lot of fun while under the influence of yeast secretion, anyone who has ever had a beer will agree. Though a lot of the time, those 'things' aren't necessarily in anyone's best interest, especially yours — just look at any scar in the Rooster offices for a multitude of stories to back that up. 

So asking a younger someone whether or not a particular activity while they're drunk is more fun than not seems redundant — of course it is. But because this is the Internet and Science is the end-all to slightly understanding mankind now, a newly published study is out there claiming that smoking cigarettes is more enjoyable while you're drinking than when you're smoking weed.

No, really.

You could have stopped reading there, but in case you're one of the estimated 13 percent of readers still with us, let's explain …

Researchers got paid to ask 500 people, on Facebook, what they liked to do more when getting all 'woo-hoo-n-shit': Drink and smoke or smoke and smoke. Respondents overwhelmingly agreed that smoking while drinking was more pleasurable than smoking while high.

The findings back up what we kind of already know, that there is a certain kind of synergy between nicotine and booze. Cigarettes do a great job of counteracting the sleepiness one gets while putting down a few, and also is shown to boost the otherworldly feelings of being drunk.

"Tobacco can enhance the subjective effects of alcohol and has been shown to increase the risk for heavy and problematic drinking," says Kelly Young-Wolff, a research scientist at Kaiser Permanente Division of Research. "Smokers drink more frequently and more heavily than non-smokers, and are more likely than non-smokers to meet the criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence."

But back to this goofy study: We've already told you to take these things with a comically large block of salt when trying to digest the information given. Many, many of these 'published reports' are hack jobs meant to drive web traffic or boost the portfolio of a few aspiring scientists chasing notoriety. "Publish or die," so they say in the field. Whether or not this was one of those, who knows … who cares.

The main takeaway is that 500 people on Facebook said they like smoking cigarettes while they drink — shocker. 

Sorry for wasting your time.