You had sex, great; but what are the chances it's going to last?

Even if neither of you had an orgasm and/or both parties were seemingly underwhelmed by the encounter, there’s still hope of that one sexual night turning into something worth a shit.

But just how many relationships continue after the first time people have sex?

A new study sought to answer this question by surveying of 2,744 heterosexual, American males and females between the ages of 18 and 39 to determine how relationships evolved after a couple's first hippity-dippity.

According to results, after one year, half of the respondents had already broken up, on the other side of the same obvious token, half of those surveyed had not. Of those, 23 percent of the respondents were still seeing one another while still living separately. Surprisingly, 27 percent of individuals were still seeing one another and had moved in together. Taking “the glass is half-full” stance on that matter, that’s not such a bleak outlook.

Per the study, the average duration of a relationship was just shy of 5 months from the first time the couple had sex. In fact, nearly a third of couples called it quits before the 6 month anniversary. As one could assume, these numbers were more pronounced amongst younger respondents under 25.

There were of course many variables at play and individual economic and parental backgrounds tended to skew relationship results one way or another. Participants in the study whose parents had remarried were more likely to not only move in with their partners, but also did so more quickly than others. Business Insider also points out that the amount of education an individual’s mother had (a strong indicator of affluence) was specifically linked to delayed cohabitation.

Again, the study focuses only on heterosexual relationships and individuals under 40, meaning many factors and lifestyles were likely not taken into account. In general, a one-in-two chance of that courtship turning into something worthwhile is reassuring enough, though.

People liking people. Who would’ve thunk it…