As far back as there is any kind of recorded history, men have been fixated with the size of their penises. In fact, there is even a psychological name for a man’s insecurity about his size and it is called ‘penis envy.’ Some research indicates that worrying over size can hinder a man from having the size and degree of erection that would yield a larger penis, so if you think your penis is too small, the first thing you can do is stop worrying about it and try this!

Bigger Isn’t Always Better – But It Sure Does Help!

Bigger isn’t always better when pleasuring a woman, but it helps on a number of levels. Without getting into human anatomy and how a woman is best pleasured, there is one point to be made in all this. A man who perceives his penis to be too small could actually not perform as well as he should because he is already feeling inferior. Also, performance is only part of the problem where insecurity is present. It is a substantiated fact that men who feel inferior tend to be tense and as a result, blood vessels constrict and a proper erection isn’t realised. That massive erection is the result of blood flowing freely through the veins in your penis and so the very first thing you can do is to work on those insecurities. That will help to some degree.

A Few Words about What NOT to Do

If you are looking for permanent results, forget pills, ointments and creams. They don’t work. They never have and never will. Pills for erectile dysfunction will provide a temporary erection that may or may not be larger than normal, but there are many side effects. Creams don’t work – period. Like pills, they may help open vascular channels allowing for a temporary erection, but that won’t give you a bigger penis. You’ll get a temporary erection and that is about the size of it (unfortunate wording, but you get the idea).

What Works with Lasting Results

There are actually very few products that actually have proven to work for lasting results. While many vacuum pumps have had bad reviews, they were not the advanced Bathmate Hydro pump that is to be used daily for a 15 minute interval while in the shower. With the combination of water and vacuum you get a gradual stretching within the vascular system in the penis that doesn’t have the same harmful effects as previous pumps made by other manufacturers. This is a revolutionary concept where you can expect to see a gradual increase in size during erections.

Remember, that erection is the result of blood coursing through your veins so you won’t see much difference until you achieve an erection. It is by increasing the ability of the veins to accommodate a larger flow of blood that will give you that bigger penis most men envy. In combination with reduced stress and increased vascular performance, you can see a marked change in size over time. Just remember, more is not better so use only as directed for the exact time indicated. Extra use is not advised.