"Apple Crown Royal is what's up …"

In today’s shark vs. wounded minnow world of entertainment, you aren’t much of anything in the industry if you haven’t played festival stages. Getting there on your own isn’t easy, either — damn near impossible, really. That’s the reality.

So artists need guides, role models, confidantes. These are the people who know how to do it far better than they ever will. For the dance-pop trio of electronic artists known as Cash Cash, this couldn’t be closer to the truth. Their wildly popular tracks have allowed for them to play some of the biggest stages in the world, turning up crowds through collaborations with industry elite. The most recent of which is hip-hop icon Nelly, featured in their drop “Millionaire” — a single on the act’s new album “Blood, Sweat & 3 Years” (embedded below).

There isn’t anyone else that does it like Nelly does it. Truth. So we asked the guys in Cash Cash what they learned under the guidance of hip-hop royalty. Turns out smoking too much weed is simply a myth and everyone should grab themselves a bottle of Apple Crown for the weekend …

Catch Cash Cash at the Global Dance Festival this Saturday, July 9.

"Nelly Knowledge"

1.) "There's no such thing as smoking too much weed."
2.) "Apple Crown Royal is what's up."
3.) "There's no such thing as listening too loud."
4.) "What a Birkin is."
5.) "Music isn't math, it's not a science, and it's not a history book you can study and learn from … it's an art form that comes from the soul. We started to treat the studio more and more like a stressful office job that made us way too tense & sterile. When we linked up with Nelly we just got loose drinking, smoking & having a good time. His energy & work flow reminded us of how we first started making music growing up and that finding the balance between work & play is how you keep yourself creative."