2015 was a big year for Pizza Rat and seeing as he only has a one-year lifespan, 2016 will really need to count …

Pizza Rat dominated the latter half of 2015.

Individuals with gobbledygook and/or ground dick for brains couldn’t get enough of watching a rat drag a slice of pizza through a New York subway.

Over that time, Pizza Rat even inspired a self-stylized sexy Pizza Rat Halloween costume, developed an online spin-off nemesis in the form of Pizza Squirrel and, as of late, has been revamped as Rat-Rat after a video surfaced of a NY subway rat dragging off a, yup, you guessed it, rat trading pizza for all-out cannibalism as its late night craving of choice.

There’s even a moderately challenging free online video game in Pizza Rat’s honor. All of this brouhaha had us wondering, “What’s next for Pizza Rat?”

Some predictions …

1. The Inevitable Fall from Grace

Some people just can’t handle the sudden onslaught of celebrity. Fame does strange things to good people. The parties. The pussy. The pizza. The blow. Soo much blow. Before he knows it, the carriage ride is over. Then comes rehab and the paternity tests. The alimony and hush money. The live Maury Povich polygraph. It’s a long way to the bottom.

2. Motivational Speaking and VH1 Special

Despite the hard times, Pizza Rat will slowly get back on his feet, take a few vocational courses at the community college and fine tune his verbal communication and body language skills. He'll learn that Tony Robbins false-empathy and helps others overcome pizza addiction in 10 steps or less. Maybe even a TED talk. He'll Slap on a black long-sleeve shirt and some ill-fitting Levi 501s. Posit a rethinking of the role of pizza in a barter-based economy and the ramifications this may have on the larger GDP[izza].

That's about the time VH1 will cast him as the bachelor on his own dating show, "Pizza Rat: Hungry For Love," on which many young women looking to jumpstart their acting careers will vie for his affection.

3. Goes Paleo

Gluten is played anyway. Who wants pizza on a hunk of bread when you can have sauce and cheese gooped between two peps? Plus, Pizza Rat can still dabble in cannibalism whenevs …

A large portion of this country would sell their soul for a KFC Double-Double breadless meat-wich. Who are we to judge?

4. Does The View

If Joy Behar can do it anyone can. Honestly, throw a Reba McEntire wig on Pizza Rat and no one will know the difference anyway. His middle-of-the-road beliefs and on-camera personality earn him a position as "woman second to the right from the middle woman talking."

5. Moves to Denver

Why not? Everyone else is doing it. Some NYC transplants would at least help counteract the passive-aggressive West Coast influx. This city seems to always have room for one more creature of even the slightest inconsequential fame or self-perceived importance. Lookin’ at you, guy at the coffee shop with the beret and soul patch.

The Pizza Rat that finally broke the back of semi-affordable housing. We hear Auroras sorta nice-ish when your eyes are closed …

6. Self-Immolation

Pizza Rat will chose to die for all of our pizza sins, only to be resurrected as Christ #2 … oh, wait, that’s not good.

He’ll grow a beard and start wearing sandals, even though they have poor arch support. Future wars will be waged under his flag. War, pestilence and plague scorch the Earth, as the 5th Horseman of the Apepalypse plods toward the Holy Land.

All this because of the unbreakable, eternal bond between subway vermin and pizza.