At only 3-feet 6-inches tall and around 53 lbs, Kalyn Heffernan is as dangerous of a force as any on the microphone. Her enacting and often humorous prose is her strength, her voice, a powerful fist. She has the brittle-bone disability osteogenesis imperfecta, but it has done little to effect her artistic mobility. For about the past five years the hip hop group Wheelchair Sports Camp (although with rotating members) has been a recognizable pillar in the hip hop community. Heffernan has always taken the reigns as the act’s identity, and continues to release work that’s unparalleled in the local scene.

Yesterday the group’s video for the single “Dance Off” was released in anticipation for their South by Southwest showing. The group is headed to Austin, TX again this week to perform officially for its second time at the festival, and unofficially around the town square for multiple other performances.

The only thing we’re really concerned with is her repetitive demand for us to “try to keep your pants on.” If she knew us better Heffernan would know that we don’t own very many pairs of pants. And we damn sure don’t wear any to work. The message is clearly not directed at us.

Can’t get enough of this single? Wheelchair Sports Camp has made it available for a free download via its Soundcloud page. Get it.