Paralympian Josh Sundquist has something you don't have: the ability to out-Halloween anyone who crosses his path. That's because the amputee uses his handicap to create costumes that only amputees can rock, and it's pretty rad. We'd consider cutting off a few limbs if we knew we could look this good doing it.

1. The Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story

photo - Josh Sundquist - Leg Lamp - A Christmas Story Halloween costume

2. A delicious gingerbread man

photo - Josh Sundquist - Gingerbread Man Halloween Costume

3. A fucking FLAMINGO

photo - Josh Sundquist - Flamingo

The other 364 days of the year, he's just your average completely-ripped, Paralympic athlete covered in oil that makes hilarious memes when he's not winning medals:

photo - Josh Sundquist - Paralympic athlete

photo - Josh Sundquist Meme - SoleMates

Moral of the story? Cut off your legs. You'll thank us later.

[Originally published October 23, 2013]