Tragically, the bald eagle smoking a cigar with the "Property of 'Merica" tattoo flag never made the cut. 

We're on the way to Mars. It doesn't matter if we're just to proving we can or just looking for a new place to live after we completely screw up Earth — we're comin' for ya, you big red bitch. Current estimates say we'll have a colony there by 2025, so you know what that means: we'd better pick out of flag, like, now. 

The good people over at Flag of Planet Earth are waaaaaay ahead of us and have already cranked this puppy out:

It's blue, it's got circles and it vaguely looks like a flower. Boom. We love it. The flag nerds break it down right here:

"Current expeditions in outer space use different national flags depending on which country is funding the voyage. The space travelers, however, are more than just representatives of their own countries. They are representatives of planet Earth.


1. To be used while representing planet Earth.

2. To remind the people of Earth that we share this planet, no matter of national boundaries. That we should take care of each other and the planet we live on."

Even more ambitious, they want their new flag to be a thing. Our whole world's thing. 

This last shot is gonna be a tough sell. You'll pry my American flag from my cold, dead KFC-greased fingers.