Crowdfunding sites to finance your next high-dea.

If you’ve got a killer idea for a business but don’t have trust-funding parents or lottery winnings to launch the project, fear not — crowdfunding is the answer. Just last year, the industry raked in over $5 billion. Don’t you want a piece of that action? Here’s our look at the big three.

So hundreds of your friends, family and strangers give you a bunch of money, and you deliver sweet rewards based around your cool idea. We’ve seen a bunch of people throw successful campaigns, and we’d love to add you to that list too.
Best for: Creative projects, music, games, photography.
Finish line funding: All or nothing. If you don’t hit your goal, you’re screwed.
Most funded project: The Pebble Smartwatch for $20 million

Just imagine a hipster version of Kickstarter. The main advantage is of Indiegogo is that you can choose to keep all your cash in the event that you don’t hit your goal — but they’ll cut a total of 9% off the top compared to just 5%.
Best for: Small business ideas, inventions the arts.
Finish line funding: If you’re met with failure, you can keep it.
Most funded project: Ubuntu Edge smartphone for $12 million

This one is for more personal projects, like when your dog breaks its leg or those prostitution charges finally catch up with you. There are a lot of tear-jerking stories on this site, so surf on over if you want to believe in humanity again.
Best for: Medical emergencies, tuition, charity, legal defense.
Finish line funding: You get it all, baby.
Most funded project: Saving Eliza medical support for $1.8 million