Any health advisor will content that a diet of fast food isn't the best long-term decision. But if you can't stop taking shots of honey mustard, then here are a few ways to eat healthy in an unhealthy environment. 

Don’t Add Mayonnaise
If you hate mayo, great. But for those of us who love this stuff on our crunchy chicken sandwiches, not so great. It’s a fatty condiment that adds calories to everything. Though autopilot cashiers can’t be counted on to customize your sandwich, it’s worth asking.

Try the Salads—Two if you Must
The Mcdonald’s side salad is only about 20 calories. The garden side salad at Burger King has 40 calories. Neither is very filling, but even two of these salads with a vinegar-based dressing will have less calories than BK’s five-piece nuggets at 190 calories apiece sans sauce. Even McDonald’s healthy sounding fruit and yogurt parfait has 160 calories.

Ranch is Evil
But soooo delicious. Three words: boatload of calories. Instead of asking for ranch to drizzle into your chicken sandwich, ask for anything else besides ranch. Ditto for caesar. It’ll be an interesting flavor experiment to drizzle italian dressing over your chicken, but your waist will thank you for it.

Dilute Your Lemonade and Tea
At first this seems like a disgusting idea, but then you get used to drinks that aren’t so loaded with sugar. And avoid fountain soda, which is basically just flavored corn syrup (no, the clear stuff isn’t healthier). By diluting your drinks, you can enjoy some of the good stuff without falling prey to the bad stuff. Alternatively: don’t order a drink.

Low-Calorie Nuggets (Sort Of)
Most chicken nuggets on dollar menus have less than a hundred calories, but the portions are miserly. And that’s without your sauce of choice, any of which will increases your caloric intake to the point where you might as well order a sandwich. Plus, nuggets lack any real nutritional value other than a bit of protein—though calories are important to watch, they’re not the end all say all of eating well.

Use Your Own Judgement
A loaded baked potato has potatoes, which are loaded with carbs despite being a vegetable, sour cream, and very little of everything else. At Wendy’s, that’s going to be worse for you than a cheesy cheddar buger. Keep it light and keep it simple. Or just eat whatever you want and don’t pay attention to the pounds. The heaviest woman in the world right now is having a sex marathon to lose weight, which is probably more fun than parsing the menu at your favorite drive-thru.