More sleep equals more sex which equals a win-win for everyone involved.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine has figured out how to improve our sex lives once again those glorious bastards. The published study concluded that if a women in a romantic relationship gets one extra hour of sleep per night, her sex drive will improve by 14 percent. And as they say, her pleasure is your pleasure. More sleep equals more sex which equals a win-win for everyone involved. God bless the researchers who conduct these innocuous and life-altering studies. 

So now that you have the secret formula for morning sex, which has its fruitful benefits as well, here are 5 quick tips for getting that good nights rest besides codine and NyQuil.

1. Magnesium

The natural muscle relaxer will have you down faster than Bill Cosby after a wine party. You can pick up this natural supplement at any store in your neighborhood. 

2. Master the power nap

You're bombarded with constant stimuli throughout your day. You need to master the power nap. Go for 20 minutes, not any longer. It will rejuvenate your mind and body without sending you into a REM cycle which takes the body time to wake up from. 

3. Masturbation

Nothing calms the body down more than disposing of a little pent up energy the old fashioned way. And with the Playpants, you can do this almost anywhere and at anytime. 

4. Water

Besides drinking water to be healthy, the life-source ignites your body's metabolism and other vital systems, burning energy more efficiently. When you hit the sack, your body will be ready to shut down. 

5. Shower or bath at night

Sure your natural musk is in high demand but at night, soaking in a warm bath or taking a warm shower raises the body temperature, allowing it to cool as you fall asleep for a better night's rest.