They're not sorry. They're sorry they got caught. 

Remember when you were a kid? Most of your life was spent trying to acquire and eat as much candy as possible. Super-concentrated sugar was the only driving force in your life, and you'd go to great lengths to put it in your mouth for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

And since your mom was a little more lax in her parenting, you always knew you could sneak a few more pieces or throw a few candy bars in the shopping cart, because she's just roll her eyes and let you get away with it. Dad, on the other hand, was a hard ass and never let you get away with that kind of shit — so you toe'd the line with him. You tried to guilt him into buying you candy just once, and since he wanted you to turn into a normal, non-obese adult who could control their impulses, he politely told you to fuck off and never ask for candy again. We apologized, but still went on scheming ways to get more candy. 

People, in reality, are just overgrown children, and we've just traded off our relentless pursuit of candy for the pursuit of booze, women, money and fame. 

And just like with mom and dad, we try to get away with as much as humanly possible, testing the boundaries every time to see if we can get more adult candy. 

Case in point: big apologies from major companies. These overgrown children were chasing money, fame, or women and got caught. 

Every single time. Take this somewhat recent scandal from Mountain Dew:

In reality, dozens of people saw this ad, thought it was funny and would convince people to drink more of the radioactive goat urine they produce, so they approved it. They knew it might piss people off, but they wanted more money, so they went for it. They were proud of it.

But since they got caught, they had to go through the full circus of pulling the ad, apologizing and acting sorry. If no one had cared, they would have continued being proud of that stupid ad. There's no way their apology could be sincere, because they really, really wanted that adult candy. They're only sorry they got caught. 

And then there's this jerk:

I'm not sure what he does, but he apparently runs a company that does something. Gary something. 

But he's gonna be at Cannes Film Festival, and he sent out a party invitation seeking "attractive females and models only."

He wants hot women. Who doesn't? Hot women have been the motor of male society since society became a thing. People more attractive than us give us a goal to achieve, whether we want to be them or be with them. 

But some people called out the bullshit of asking for something like that in an invitation, so Gary went on defense, claiming he was hacked or some fool thing. He overreached and got called out. He's only really sorry that he got caught. 

Like Anthony Weiner or Tiger Woods, they never would've done it if they didn't think they could get away with it. Humans never attempt something risky without there being a chance they could succeed. 

So they're not sorry. They wanted candy, and they're just sorry they got caught.