The Mad Fanatic raps about the Denver Broncos — it's what he does.

The Mad Fanatic, otherwise known in the real world as Andre Young when he's not out hyping Colorado's football team, drops hits about the Denver Broncos. It's what he does. Over the course of the past few years, he's become a bit of an icon at the Mile HIgh Stadium too, often seen repping a bunch of Orange and Blue at home games, doing his due diligence as part of the 12th man. Except, his fandom goes beyond the stadium — it's everything he raps about. From Raiders diss tracks to classic get-up anthems, he does his damn thing. 

What better way to get ready for this Sunday's football game (the motherfuckin' AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME), than to turn up his newest Patriots inspired heater "Finish 'Em"?

Watch below for more about the ultimate Broncos super fan …