"Baby Centipede" thinks it's art and thinks it's worth your entire paycheck, which is unfortunate because you're gonna need that paycheck to pay for therapy after you see this.

We don't know what we were doing searching "baby doll" on Etsy in the first place but this is what comes up when you do...We just thought we should warn you guys because…do you want in on this? We want in on this. Here it is…

"Baby Centipede: a Handmade Item"

Inspired by the Human Centipede films, it's made by connecting three baby dolls ass to mouth. We can think of so many uses for this. It's acrylic!

And it's $175 dollars. WORTH IT, all the way. It's art, man. Art. It's on Etsy.

What's that you say? The reviews are all five-starred praises of the creator's excellent service?

So there. That's what happens when you search for children's toys on Etsy when you're a grown-ass team of reporters. Just… don't go there.

Love, Rooster.