Denver’s hometown garage-inspired punk revivalists Wiredogs recently premiered its video for the single “Chelsea Hotel” off of its "Resistance EP" released just a short time ago. The four piece act was featured in our October issue for an article we titled Colorado Music Madness, and have since been working their due diligence in the scene – creating the video, playing worthwhile shows and was even named one of channel 93.3’s Top Eleven Bands in its annual Hometown For The Holidays contest.

The new video is a frenetically paced ride into all of life’s finer offerings: whiskey, loud music, drugs, sex, makeup fails and the shitty, but always-inevitable comedown. In fact, while we were watching we couldn’t help but get a little nostalgic, as it read to us like a home video from the 90s more than anything else. We have but such fond memories of shanty motels and tweaked out train-wrecks, sigh….

Here it is. Hold on. And fair warning, images may trigger relapse, or in our case, remind us why we got out of the habits in the first place and still maintain that drugs are bad, mmmkay? It's also worth mentioning that the video was produced by the local film-flipping institution Blurred Pictures – who themselves have created some of the finest work Denver has to offer.