This world is full of weird individuals each with their own set of problems. Whether Michele Koebke can blame her mental problems on her parents is yet to be seen but one thing is for certain, she's intending to set the world record for smallest stomach even though it already appears she's lost her stomach, liver, intestines and any other organ that sits in one's midriff. To get this perfectly uncomfortable figure, Koebke constantly wears a corset throughout the day and even sleeps in it. The only time she removes the article of clothing is to shower. 

The 24-year-old from Germany has already contracted her waist to an eye-popping 16 inches through a steady routine of never taking off her corset. But like all true go-getters, that's not enough. She's currently shooting for a 14 inch waist that would beat out current World Record holder Cathie Jung who measures in at 15 inch. 

As you might imagine, shrinking your waist to unhealthy sizes comes with a few health side-effects. Koebke can't eat normal meals because of her stomach size so she requires 10 tiny meals a day. She also has trouble breathing and supporting herself without the corset. 

But hey, eating, breathing and standing are all overrated and should not detract from the goal of setting a world record. She's not quite there yet, but with our help, she could be the best.