Get ready for the drop. Ready? Blam-plickety-blam!

Behold! One of our featured artists this month launched his much-anticipated EP. This week, Kris “Wuki” Barman dropped the new work to invited listeners and spent the better part of last night undoing proverbial socks with the new collection at his album release party.

The “Framework EP” is his debut album on OWSLA Records, a label known because of its ubiquitous founder Sonny “Skrillex” Moore. It features 4 uniquely original tracks and one remix.

And if you’re curious to what Skrillex was up to before he became such a polarizing figure in an even more polarizing genre, we’ve included a video of his band From First To Last just for fun. It’ll also help fill in some of the gaps of consciousness that feed on useless information.