Are you guys doing okay? Maybe your head hurts a bit or your throat is dry? We know; it was a great show last night. We understand because we were there.

The Rooster has had some serious coverage of the Aokify America tour all month. Steve Aoki is the subject of our cover feature and yesterday we posted a last minute back and forth bewteen us and Borgore. The tour landed at The Ogden Theater last night, and obliterated all that were lucky enough to attend. We’re sorry that we’re not sorry that it was such an impressionable time on all of us.

So what does that have to do with Wuki? A little. This segue is lazy, we admit to that. But it isn’t without purpose. Wuki has had an amazing summer, releasing tracks via Teenage Riot, Warpath Group, Ultra, Main Course and even Dim Mak Records – which was started by Steve Aoki, and continues to be a powerhouse in the EDM microcosm. Boom! There’s the connection.

And so the gifts from Wuki continue. Yesterday Wuki released his track “Jungle Funk” on Sex Cult Records. We were hoping that it would be a serene ballad. We were hopeful that it was laid down with the softness akin to the feel of a peach. Maybe the calmness of the raised Colorado waters? Something to calm our hungover nerves, please?

Neigh – it hits hard; so much so that we almost forgot about our morning after hydration battles altogether. In fact, we’re gonna drop this widget real quick here for you to listen and we’ll be out around the complex, making sure the company minivan is capable of high-speed donuts. Jungle Funk is a mood changer.