Want it now? As with all things necessary, patience is a virtue. …

It's the greatest solace of our time, a quick vacation away from reality. It's the shower beer, and there's nothing else like it.

Now, thanks to Snask and Pangpang brewing (from Switzerland), there's an actual shower beer built for the very event. It's called — what else — "Shower Beer" and it's a heavy pale ale that has only one thing to satify: You, naked.

"We've always wanted to have our own beer (like all hipsters do)," says the beer's creators. "But not any beer and certainly not just a regular creative agency brew saying 'Snask Lager.' We wanted an idea, a concept, something bigger than just the actual beer. Something that could kickstart the night and act as your power up while fixing your hair and listening to 'Dressed For Success' on repeat. We already work with the local genius brewer Fredrik 'PangPang' Tunedal so it felt obvious that he would be the backbone of the brewing part."

The short beers come in at a convenient 6 ounces, but packs a ferocious punch of a 10 percent ABV. The brewers say the design is "meant to gulp (it) in three sips in the shower."

The first batch of this fantasy nectar sold out instantly. But because of its demand, a second batch was quickly cooked and is now in the brewing tanks as we sit here wondering why. The producers of said beer also claim they're looking into distributing in the states soon, and for everyone to continue checking in on when it will be available.

As with all things necessary, patience is a virtue.