… and booze. Lots of booze.

We're all Lost Boys at heart in this country and feel a burning sense of jealousy when shrunken rat kids run around having all the fun. It's why things like the XBox and a predictable revival of Surge do so well in older demographics — we're youths at heart. 

But renting a bouncy castle at your next party runs the risk of someone hurting themselves. If it's you, that health insurance premium you pay for isn't going to cover anything, and if it's someone else, you didn't pull any insurance. Thankfully The Paddy Wagon Pub has this all figured out.

A fully inflatable Irish-styled pub, this new party rental comes complete with anything your little heart desires. Food? Check. Booze? Check. Traditional Irish dancers? Yep. Irish Wolfhounds to pet all day!? YES!

The inflatable bar comes in two sizes, with the largest fitting close to 80 full-grown people. And for those late nights, you can rent a DJ to turn that mother out.

For now, this beautiful creation is only available in the greater Boston area, however we can't imagine something like this staying exclusively there for long. 

Blow-up bar? Droopy dive? Wobbly watering holes? The possiblities are endless …