Who's the mayor? You are.

Do you ever just look around you and think, "What if there was such a thing as a town made up entirely of my weird little friends?"

Think about it; a little shangri-la where you make your own rules, build whatever you want and live the kind of life you only masturbate about.

Well quit your daydreaming, because that daydream just became a reality … a reality named Cabin Creek.

Cabin Creek is a miniscule ghost town off of U.S. 36 near Byers, and it's for sale for the low, low price of $350K.

For that chunk of change, you get nearly five acres which is home to an old gas station, an 8-room motel, a road-side restaurant cafe, an 8-space RV park, two houses, a mobile home, a smokehouse and a private shooting range. Not too shabby when you consider you could split the cost 10 ways and pay less per person for property and housing than almost anywhere in the country, and get all those amenities to yourselves.

"All paved highway to the property, easy 45min commute to Denver and only 10 minutes from Byers/I-70 exit. Most neighbors are hundreds of acres away," the posting on Craigslist says.

It's in pretty crap condition, but the owner recently installed some new electric panels, some new wiring, and most excitingly, a new well and new sewer. However, he admits the property needs more work including the RV park and cafe.

Well, good thing you know people.

Also works great for starting a cult compound. Real estate can be so expensive even after you and 45 of your most devoted followers achieve Kool-Aid enlightenment.