Put us on your body.

Like children, we value and love each of our covers the same — even the ugly ones. But our newest addition to the roster this month holds a special place in our hearts. It's the last issue of 2015, but a progressive beginning to something exciting for the way we're going to be delivering our content to readers each month. Not only that, but it's Peyton Fucking Manning. With tattoos! Hard style! Listen, we love us some Brock Osweiler, and will support that graceful looking gentleman as much as the next, but we're not going to ever forget what Manning has done / will do for the sports community around Colorado. He's still our boy! Blue! 

Which is why we chose graphic artist Nathaniel Hammond's work to grace the cover this month. He owns and runs T H E G O O D L I [f] E, a design/t-shirt brand that specializes in the hilarious (Tuck Master Tom? LOLZ).

No Broncos fan should be without one or more of these creative, team supporting designs. Purchase them all HERE, and be sure to tell them The Rooster sent you.