Press a button and have a microbrew? Yes please. 

Everyone has thought about homebrewing their beer, but since there's usually more than one step, it looks way, way too hard. Thankfully, someone with a big brain has streamlined the whole process, and now making microbrews can be as easy as flushing the toilet. 

So here's how you can get microbrews in your home:

Getting your own fresh microbrew couldn't be easier (other than maybe going to the store and buying one, but who wants to put on pants?).

And this isn't some shitty, flash-in-the-pan selection of beer, either. A ton of big-name brewers are signed up for this, so you can make beer you'd actually drink anyway. 

Damn, that's making us thirsty. Still don't understand how this wizardry works? There's a video too. 

We're totally down. You can pick one up at their Kickstarter page for half the normal price … so move fast.