Turns out there's a real, legitimate use for this stuff other than "fluid I use to clean my car battery terminal." Sprite is a hangover hero, you guys.

We don't really like Sprite.

We like how it removes toilet scum. We're okay with drinking it once every other soda option has been snatched up in a furious frenzy at the office party. But we'd really like it if it could do something legitimate other than taste dumb. Something like…cure hangovers, maybe?

[At this point in the story, a beautiful soda god swoops down from the heavens and grants our wish with a sparkly hand gesture like this… Sprite now cures hangovers.]


Did you guys hear Sprite is the best hangover cure out there? That's right. According to research conducted by Chinese scientists at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, the fizzy lemon-lime drink speeds up the rate at which alcohol is broken down in the liver, thereby reducing hangover duration. Here's a handy little graphic about how hangovers work to help you understand how Sprite makes them go far, far away.

The researchers tested the effect of 57 different beverages, ranging from herbal teas to soda, on the speed at which they facilitated alcohol breakdown by enzymes in the liver. The quicker alcohol was broken down, the faster people experienced relief from hangovers. Turns out, Sprite busts the shit out of that ALDH process, speeding it up so that you feel better quicker.

Surprisingly, the "healthiest" drink they tested, an herbal drink with hemp seeds in it, actually increased the time it took to break down ADH into ALDH, so people that drank that were like, "What the fuck happened last night?" for way longer.

So, with this monumental discovery in mind, here is what we think is unequivocally the best Sprite cocktail you can pound when you wake up at 7am with a rando in your bed. Meet the Sprite-soaked Orange-Lime Relaxer, aka Hangover Obliterator. Happy Sprite guzzling, everyone.