Get you some, Granny!

What does your grandma do? Garden? Quilt? Front a grindcore band?

Somehow, a screamy metal band from Canada is releasing an album soon: "The Grindmother." Oh, Canadians! What endearing, family-friendly thing will they do next?

And while this looks like a hack photoshop job, it's actually a thing. 

If you're wondering how the hell this happened, she told the world all about it in a recent interview:

It’s a lovely story! My son just got a notion that he might have me sing into a microphone and do some guest vocals on one of his albums, so he did the setup and I asked him, “What do you want me to do?” He just said, "Have fun with it." He had the wherewithal to let the video camera run while we did it, so that was one of the earliest videos that came out. I think people liked it because it was spontaneous and we were having fun. One thing I found is what I thought of was the condition of the world just before the first scream, and out it came, and I think there’s an element of that behind every scream that I make.

And yes, will prove it's real. Check out her pipes on her brand new single:

They'll be releasing a 15-song CD soon, and you can preorder it right now. Now if we only liked grindcore, we'd really be in business.