35 / Male / Denver

Back in 2002 I was trying to get my name as a URL. As it turns out, there are roughly one million Josh Hollands in the world, so I shortened it to ‘Josholland.’ I'm pretty sure there's some other guy getting most of my emails to this day.

Who's your favorite family member?
My nephew Howie is pretty cool. He's a baby.

What are some of the companies who have paid you for artwork?
I've done work for a lot of beer companies like PBR, Great Divide, New Belgium and Blue Moon. Those are probably the most well known projects I've done. But I've been freelancing in Denver for the last 7 years, so I've worked for a wide variety of local agencies and clients.

What medium(s) do you prefer to work in?
I work by hand with pencil and paper at the sketch stage, and finish my drawings digitally in Photoshop on a Mobile Studio Pro. But when I'm creating more personal work, I like screen prints and painting in acrylic.

Should O.J. Simpson have been paroled?
Isn't Trump making him Attorney General or something?

Do you think anyone can be an artist?
Sure being an artist isn't really an exclusive club. I've read Amazon reviews that qualify as art.

Where do you think the future of art is going?
I think creating VR experiences is something that all kinds of creative people are going to flock to. Who wouldn't want to create an immersive experience that anyone with a headset could enjoy without distraction? You wouldn't be limited to whoever is willing to show up for your art thing IRL, or small impediments like time and space.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?
"If it feels like you're being screwed, you probably are."

Worst advice ever been given?
I once had a tattoo artist tell me a bad staph infection was nothing to worry about. He was wrong.

What do you hope people get out of your creativity?
Inspiration is hard to come by. Lots of artists have inspired me over the years, so it's rewarding to know that you've passed that along to someone else in some small way.

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