If you really want to piss off the entire Internet, just have an opinion. 

The world is full of assholes. And the worst part about the Internet is that anyone with fingers can hop on it and blather their nonsense to everyone who wants to listen. 

Case in point: Nicole Arbour. Her most recent posts include gems like "Anyone who wears crocs, shouldn't be allowed to vote" and "I assume anyone who has their cat in their profile picture slips a finger in its butt on the regular." Hilarious, right?

She recently posted a six-minute-long video about how much she hates fat people, encouraging fat people to love their bodies is "assisted suicide" and that fat people basically suck. That seems pretty brutal, but the worst part of it is that she calls herself a comedian. Generally, for people to use that moniker, they have to be funny. This video plays like a slow-motion car crash of mean-girl bitching and anger. Not funny. 

"Fat-shaming is not a thing," Arbour says right out of the gate. "Fat people made that up."

As you can imagine, this pissed people off. Just about everyone, to be exact. YouTube pulled her shit down, because they don't advocate hate speech. She was proud to have "broken the Internet." And the flood of reponses came in, which were well received:

And the response videos too, from people of all walks of life:

Sure, there's that whole "Freedom of Speech" thing and Ms. Arbour is entitled to her opinion, but is she just being a huge bitch? The whole world tends to think so.