The rapper has been blowing up lately thanks to his emoji commemoration of today's most beloved artists and memes. Up yours, art school.

Every day it becomes more and more apparent that emojis are useful for much more than conveying an absence of appropriate words. As it turns out, they also make a fine artistic medium in which to express a bounty of celebrity and meme portraits . Many, many emojis layered on top of each other and expertly arranged can create shading and contour and serve as the perfect vehicle to illustrate the illiteracy of our internet age.

Enter rapper and artist Yung Jake, who has been manipulating media for years on his Tumblr (he even raps about making GIFs and videos). It wasn't until, the paint-by-emoji website, materialized that the world really took notice of his stuff. But once word reached Time Magazine and Wired, who both featured his work, it was all over from there. Make sense; his celebrity renditions and meme appropriations are eerily accurate and equally hilarious, a bizarre alchemy in which baby chicks as shade on Larry David's face totally works.

But despite a throng of loyal internet followers, Yung Jake has stayed relatively silent about his motives. He has revealed his favorite piece however: "The one of Young Thug speaks to me," Jake explained to Crave. "Also I like Young Thug."

Spoken like a trust artiste.