Gabrielle Mirabile, aka Zingara, is a Maryland-born, Florida-based producer and DJ known for her unique blend of bass music, which weaves together dynamic elements from across the genre spectrum. A graduate of Towson University, she’s rapidly ascended within the electronic music scene, infusing her tracks with a spiritual essence that transcends traditional sound boundaries.

Zingara began releasing her first original music during the pandemic in 2020, when live music was at a halt. She used that time to hone in her craft and has since released music on some of bass music’s biggest labels, including Deadbeats, Gravitas Recordings, and Odyzey Music.

Zingara’s journey from local venues in Towson, Maryland to the national stages of premier U.S. festivals culminates in this debut, representing years of growth, exploration, and personal transformation. Her music turns the dance floor into a dynamic canvas of her dream diary, exploring lucid dreamscapes and subconscious messages.

As we prepare to enter the heart of festival season, Zingara is preparing for the release of her debut album, The Code of Dreamz. The album features deep bass and intricate rhythms, reflecting Zingara’s diverse influences and her unique approach to bass music. Notable collaborations, including tracks with HEYZ, Ruby Chase, Austeria, Ujuu, and Elephant Heart, are set to resonate with fans across the spectrum and cement why Zingara merits all the hype.

The album release will coincide with a milestone headline show at Denver’s Mission Ballroom, where Zingara will bring her album to life this Friday, June 7th. This event celebrates her largest headline appearance to date, with an unforgettable night of music and visuals that reflect her philosophical approach to music that invites audiences to question reality and embrace the power of dreams. Joining the bill are Black Carl!, Lumasi, and Osyris.
We had the opportunity to speak with Zingara ahead of her album release and Mission Ballroom show. Check out our conversation below!

[Rooster]: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your debut album, ‘The Code of Dreamz,’ and what listeners can expect from it?

[Zingara]: The Code of Dreamz is a story of the dreams I had as a child and is dedicated to my younger self. I have always been interested in learning about and understanding the dream world and I get a lot of my ideas from there. This album dives into certain lessons, memories, and feelings that I would experience going to sleep at night. I wanted to bring to life the magical side of my dream world and explore that through my music. It introduces different styles of music than I normally release. I want my listeners to know that if I can bring my dreams to life, then they can too.

Your album artwork by Naila Sanchez is stunning. How does it reflect the themes and concepts explored in your music?

The art work is supposed to be a recreation of my younger self sleeping in my childhood bedroom. There are a lot of symbolic pieces that connect the album art & tour flyer to the music. One of the most special connections is the train & blue butterfly. It is in there to represent my friend & my grandpa who passed away. There is a train sound in the beginning of The Stars Are Calling Me for that reason and that song is a message to and from them. Another connection I love is the key for the song, Unlock Your Keys, and the angel & shadow figures represent experiences I had/have in my sleep. I am so thankful Naila worked on this with me. She has been a close friend of mine before I started this project so getting to do this together was really special for me and I know she worked extremely hard on this project.

You’ve mentioned that the album represents years of growth, exploration, and personal transformation. Can you elaborate on how your journey has influenced the sound and content of the album?

I want to tell stories through my music and I love that music can help heal. When I go through hard chapters of my life, listening to and writing music truly helps me feel better and I want to bring that experience to others. I have a song in the album titled Look Inside that I wrote with a long time friend, leah weaver. We started with only having the idea for the title and everything honestly flowed from there. It’s about our past experiences in relationships after I went through a rough break up earlier this year & the lessons and emotions that came with those experiences. We wrote it together in my studio and it was so emotional to finally get to work on music with her.

Your music is known for its spiritual essence and exploration of dreamscapes. How do you infuse these elements into your tracks, and what do you hope listeners take away from them?

The song, The Code of Dreamz, with Ruby Chase literally describes places we have been to in the dream world. I originally had a dream telling me to call my album The Code of Dreamz and Ruby also had a dream where she got a lot of the lyrical ideas from. I am very active in writing down my dreams and studying the symbolism from each of them because I have always had all sorts of extremely vivid dreams. I describe some of my favorite places to visit in the song and they are brought to life even more through the visuals during my live shows. I hope listeners can escape to this world we create when listening and appreciate the magic of the universe.

The concept of your tour and album revolves around embodying childhood dreams and decoding dreams. How have these themes influenced your creative process, both musically and visually?

Like I mentioned above, my dreams at night literally and symbolically give me ideas for my music and visuals during my shows. I visually recreate some of the reoccurring spaces I visit in the dream world. The start of my show is a video of me going to sleep and waking up in this dream world and the rest of my show is supposed to be as if we are exploring these places and concepts until there is another video of me waking up at the end of the show. It was cool to dive into this concept because nothing has to make sense in the dream world.

You’ve previously supported LSDREAM on tour and performed at major festivals like Envision, Okeechobee, and Electric Forest. How have these experiences shaped your approach to live performances, and what do you enjoy most about performing for live audiences?

I am so thankful I get to play the coolest festivals around and go on tour with such incredible humans. I learn so much about myself personally, about the tour lifestyle, music, performing, behind the scenes of how festivals function and so much more. I feel like I am constantly on overdrive mode of the human experience hahaha. Getting to tour with LSDREAM who is someone I looked up to musically for a long time was literally soul touching. Watching him and his team function taught me so much about live performances and letting my creativity free. He is truly such an incredible human who I am soooo thankful for!! I have always loved performing and I love getting the opportunity to let my mind play. I get to constantly let my inner child influence my creativity. I love to perform in intimate settings so I can really feel the energy of the crowd and connect with the audience but I also love big festival stages because the adrenaline I feel is like none other and the atmospheres these places create feels like magic. I love too much about the EDM community, it feels like a big family.

Collaborating with artists like HEYZ, Ruby Chase, Austeria, Ujuu, and Elephant Heart must have been exciting. Can you share some insights into the collaborative process and what each artist brought to the table?

The collabs on this album all happened organically. Every collab started with the intention to make fun music with my friends and eventually it all flowed into this project. HEYZ is just a character in general hahaha. I didn’t get to work with him in person but it was pretty easy bouncing off ideas. I love that the song is titled The Power of Everything and it says in the song “you surrender to the knowing that you don’t know anything”. The way I interpret that is to have the power of everything is to know that you know nothing about the universe hahaha. I would describe Ruby Chase as a magical fairy in a human body here to raise collective vibrations. This girl is literally on another level, like I mentioned before she also had a dream with the lyrics to our song. We are literally making our dreams come true together! I actually started the idea of this song and a couple others in the album by writing a poem and making music from those ideas! So I showed her the poem I wrote and that is when she remembered she had a dream with very freakishly similar lyrics and ideas. The vocals of Up is Down actually starts with my sisters voice and transitions into mine and it is always so funny getting my sister on a song. She is so silly and we are just laughing in the studio the whole time in between takes. Time is Illusion with Austeria was also special to make because she was one of my first friends I made in the scene and has been one of my favorite people in my life since I met her. Making music with her is always so fun and we wanted to tap into the concept of how time really is an illusion. Time goes by so quickly but so slowly at the same time. We added soundscapes that reminded us of our childhood like the mourning dove. Now You See with Ujuu was also a really fun one to make that we started a while ago. He has been a good friend for many years and we always have fun writing together and I love how different this one is from what I normally make. The Stars Are Calling Me with Jessica Chertock was beyond special to me as I mentioned it is directly dedicated to my loved ones who passed away. When I told Jessica the song concept I had in mind, she came back SO quickly with the vocals that she told me she felt like it was already written/meant to be. Last but not least, Elephant Heart. This is the definition of a power couple & awesome family! They are extremely talented musicians and I was honestly nervous working with them knowing how much they inspire me. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album! Overall everyone I worked with are incredible & talented humans!!!

Your headline show at Mission Ballroom is set to be your largest to date. How are you preparing for this milestone event, and what can fans expect from the performance?

I have been working so hard to prepare for my Mission Ballroom show. The production we are bringing is the most I have ever brought. I also get to bring back some live performers who I worked with in the past and this added element to my show always makes my heart so happy as I used to be a competitive dancer and incorporating dance back into my shows feels so special! This show will fully embody the concept of The Code of Dreamz between lots of new music and an incredible visual, light, and laser show! My team has been working so hard to make this special and I could not be more excited to do this with them! I also get to perform for an hour and a half which gives me so much room to really dive into this story.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the future of your music career, and how do you envision yourself evolving over time? Musically and personally?

As long as I get to make music surrounded by the people I love, I am happy. I would love to spend my life making music, playing shows, festivals, and even doing more special, curated events. I would love to expand on this project more, maybe start some side projects, open music studios, teach different types of music classes and dive into teaching & learning more about the spirit world and those topics that come with that. I also love videography and I have posted vlogs on my YouTube channel from every show and festival I have played for years. So I would love to continue to expand on that and create more music videos and documentaries and maybe even make music for different tv shows and movies. Personal goals stay consistent with trying my best to live a healthy lifestyle, staying present, mindful and thankful. I also grew up on a small farm so I would love to one day own a farm again. I get to face so many inner personal blockages with this career and I am so thankful for the growth and journey I have been on even though it is far from easy. I can’t wait to see the progression of my music and what is cooking in the universe that I don’t even know about yet!