Shower beers are one of life's ultimate little pleasures.

Today's world is all about multi-tasking. You send e-mails out while you're on a conference call, you read texts while you're on the toilet and now, you drink beers while you're in the shower. If you haven't figured out this life hack yet, well get with the fucking times you sober dinosaur. Shower beers are one of life's ultimate little pleasures. You get buzzed while you get clean and thus, you are killing two birds with one therapeutic stone. Below are 10 reasons why shower suds are sooo BEERautiful:

10. You're drinking a beer naked

Being naked with a beer in your hand would get you in trouble at a lot of places – little league games, church, work cubicles, etc. – but you're in shower and no one can judge you.

9. You're drinking a beer naked IN THE SHOWER

It’s the joy of being in your birthday suit while sipping on a frothy brew under a hot, steamy waterfall. This meditation-esque activity is a euphoria that everyone human needs to indulge in.

8. It's super refreshing

Pro Tip #1: Don't be afraid to try a fruity beer or Mexican beer. Yeah, they're kinda girly but then again, so is your loofah and your apricot body scrub so who cares if your sipping a Bud Light Lime anyways?

7. Shower Beer > Beach Beer > Tailgate Beer

Pro Tip #2: Trash a few of those empty, miniature, hotel shampoos so that there is a secure spot to house your beverage while you wash up.

6. If you spill, it doesn't matter

If you didn't follow Pro Tip #2 and dropped your beer in the shower (it's slippery in there!) then no worries mate, no cleanup is required. The drain's got you.

5. It signifies the day is totally over

Either this or it signifies the day is totally about to begin because you have some serious day raging ahead of you. It’s a win/win situation either way.

4. You're doing something totally awesome and yet, totally normal

Like watching a 3D movie or flying in a jet or something.

3. Beer tastes better in the shower

Pro Tip #3: The hotter the shower, the colder the beer, the better the taste.

2. Liquids in, liquids out 

The phrase "Don't shit where you eat" doesn't apply here because you can dispose of what you consume within the same arena and even at the same time. Shower beers define conventional wisdom.

1. It's the perfect pregame

Speaks for itself. It’s an appetizer pregame before you actually show up to the real pregame party. In a sense, it’s an "inception pregame" as it’s a pregame within a pregame … Deep.