We asked 10 girls to tell us what they secretly want from guys. Here’s what we found, plain and simple: don’t fuck it up.

We asked 10 girls to tell us what they secretly want from guys. Here’s what we found, plain and simple: don’t fuck it up.

1: "I want a partner in crime. I want someone who can keep up with me while keeping me on my toes!"

Translation: Girls like guys who want to do things with them. Surprise her with a date, grab her a coffee when you’re paying for gas. She’ll be ecstatic, and you’ll get laid more.

2: "I want a fucking God in the bedroom. I want someone who wants to learn, who wants to teach, who wants to experience all of those deliciously raunchy things that only the combined power of two imaginations can inspire."

Translation: Women want thoughtful, skillful, mutually-beneficial sex. Next time you’re getting ready to roll ask her what she needs, and what she wants most and do it, no matter how weird it seems to you.

3:" I want the man to keep me CRAVING him!"

Translation: Be a little bit of a mystery, suspense makes women wetter than Niagara Falls. Instead of sending a dick pic, send this text: “I think tonight is going to be amazing, Can’t wait to see you.” Let her imagination run wild.

4: "Women really want a man who is someone to share life with, to laugh with, to cry with, to grow/improve/experience things with. Women are looking for the other half to their team."

Translation: Take her on your team in your first round draft and let her start. Women love camraderie and sharing experiences.

5: "More affection and more appreciation for what we do for them."

Translation: When your girlfriend makes you food, cleans your car, shaves her legs, sucks your cock, say thanks. You don’t even have use words, you can do it with a peck on the cheek or a roll in the sheets.

6: "Women want drive and determination for life and success from men. And for the man to spark that drive in us."

Translation: Don’t be a deadbeat. Have a job, a means to support yourself, and make girls want to be a better person through example.

7: "Buy me booze and fuck me."

Translation: Buy her booze and fuck her.

8: "Not just to listen to us but to HEAR us. Remember what we say to you."

Translation: If we tell you we hate Chinese food stop taking us to that dollar-a-scoop joint a block from your house. It smells and probably can’t pass health inspection.

9: "I want a man who can take care of me, accept me, flaws and all, and sit with me and do nothing but enjoy each other’s company."

Translation: Be attentive, respond to our emotional needs, and don’t judge the way we are.

10: "A women needs a man that can actually communicate and be able to talk through anything."

Translation: Talking to your partner in a relationship is a necessary evil. When discussing your issues, listen calmly, react logically, and remember getting defensive will get you nowhere.