The prostate is walnut shaped gland located deep inside of a man’s anal cavity.  Also known as the p-spot, the prostate has been known to provide the strongest and most pleasureful orgasms possible.  Many compare the prostate to the g-spot in women. Prostate massages have become a staple for anyone to spice up their sex life. From kinky foreplay to powerful orgasms, these toys can add variety and depth to your sex life. If you’re an anal novice, then you may be surprised by the huge variety of massagers on the market today. Knowing what each option offers will let you purchase the right toy for your own prostate massage sessions.

Prostate Massager Shape

Prostate massagers come in a variety of shapes with each one designed to put pressure on the small walnut shaped gland inside of the anal cavity.  Prostate massaging is intended for any man’s sexual orientation. Depending on your preference for anal play, you can find prostate massagers in an array of shapes, sizes, and features, with each one intended for different stimulation.


If you’re a fan of deep penetrating anal sex, or you want to have the most leverage for your prostate massage, you’ll want a long toy. You can find long prostate massagers with girths ranging from as short as 1 inch to as wide as 3 or 4 inches. Longer toys tend to be ribbed, and provide more leverage than a shorter toy.


For men who want that feeling of being filled up, or who have less sensitive prostates, you can find shorter, fatter toys. Rather than 5 or 6 inches of length, these massagers are as short as 3 inches, and are more like butt plugs than dildos. They have less leverage, but often vibrate, letting you insert and relax until you get hit with that pulsating anal orgasm.


Like any penetrating sex toy, you can find prostate massages with a range of textures. From smooth surfaces to rubber spikes, most men can find a toy that meets their preference. Beginners may want to stick with smoother toys, or look at options with ridges. But for men looking for something much more stimulating, you can find more pronounced textures.  The more texture the device has, the more stimulation the user will feel.

Common Materials

Prostate massagers are a lot like other adult toys. They’re usually rigid and hard, but may have a softer outer coating for comfort. No matter what material you have, always make sure to properly lubricate before use.

Hard Plastic

The cheapest options will come in hard plastic. This material is affordable and durable, providing a simple introduction to the world of anal massage. Beginners to this type of toy may want to start with hard plastic to avoid making a costly investment early on.


Most sex toys use some form of silicone. This durable material is soft, making it more comfortable for the skin. This is especially important for penetrating yourself since it’s less likely to cause friction or damage your anal cavity. These are the options that come with more interesting textures and features.  Silicone tends to be one of the safest materials due to its non-porous properties, no bacteria can penetrate that material.

Additional Massager Functions

Massagers are more than just static objects. They usually come with a few functions to maximize pleasure. After all, prostates are much tougher to stimulate than the penis, though worth the extra effort.


Like women’s vibrators, you can find prostate massagers that vibrate too. Some of these come with a switch on the body of the toy, allowing you to directly control the vibrations. There are some massagers that require you to sit on them, so they offer a remote control to get that pulsating pleasure without having access to the toy.


Some massagers even have a rotating function. The shaft of the massager is fixed on a swivel, rotating from the grip of the toy. These are the best options if you’re using the toy to achieve orgasm rather than foreplay. They do the most to stimulate the process like a real penis would.

Pleasure through Prostate Massages

Whether you’re exploring your body, or you already love anal massages, you want to make sure you have the right toy. Each man will have his own preference, and the wide range of available toys allows him to satisfy those preferences, resulting in a more satisfying, intense sex life.