Vegans and vegetarians get all the sob-story cred. For years now, they've littered the internet with articles and videos on Upworthy and Buzzfeed indignantly called things like "Comments vegetarians HATE hearing" and "The 17 dumbest things vegans have to deal with."

Blah blah blah. We get it. Life is hard when you don't eat meat, and no one understands you. Our heart goes out to you, truly.

But now, it's time for a little revenge.

Here are 10 things vegans and vegetarians say to carnivores that we can't possibly even think about dealing with any longer.

1. "But you can still get protein from beans! BEANS! BEANS! BEANS!"

2. "Industrial meat production is the number one contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in this country and without it, there'd be no drought or global warming or tears and there would still be bees and my car would get better mileage and I'd have shapely calves."

3. "I just feel so bad for the animal. Meat is murder and I'm a lover, not a serial killer."

4. "Have you ever tried jackfruit? You can't even tell it's not meat."

5. "I just felt so much cleaner when I removed meat from my diet."

6. "Red meat is like, the #1 cause of heart disease or something."

7. "The lamb in that gyro you're eating died."

8. "I can't believe you're eating that juicy, perfectly seared crispy chicken with savory pan sauce, like what the hell?"

9. "There's almost no fiber in that cedar-roasted plank of salmon, are your poops okay?"

10. " … Can I have a bite of your burger?"