Since the late '80s, cellular telephones have been injecting themselves into the everyday lives of civilians any way they can. From being directly connected to the interior of cars to now occupying prime real estate in jort pockets worldwide — the little buggers appear to be an extension of self that will never go away.

But what of the towers? The intrusive behemoths that ping data from one device to the next? Those seem to become even more pervasive by each passing day, erecting high and wide over lived in areas to provide the most effective signal. 

And though Louis C.K. would likely call you a "non-contributing-product-sponge-cunt" for complaining about them being zits on the cityscape, the disguised towers do little for the imagination. 

Some of the worst offenders don't even appear to be trying. …

[credit: Lord Jim]

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[credit: Gary Minnaert]

What an odd tree #celltowertree

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Palm tree cell towers!

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[credit: Invasive Species by Dillon Marsh]

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