Come with us on a journey through the best butcherings of American education, from curiously placed quotations, to critically absent letters, to a few folks who see the English language, look it square in the eye, then take a giant poop on its face.

We guess you can say these people skipped class, if you call skipping class never stepping foot inside a building where things come out of one person's mouth then go into other people's ears, then those people remember what the first person said. Witness first hand the funny failure of America's public school system.

1. People just don't understand the deeply sarcastic, and therefore deeply hilarious undertones that quotation misapplication conveys.

2. Remember five seconds ago when we were talking about misused quotations? Don't hire this person, ever.

3. Instead of forming sentences, people have elected to word-vomit whatever comes to mind in whatever order suits their fancy, then get back to drinking Coors Light in the Everglades.

4. Sounding it out isn't even cool anymore.

5. We give this an F+ for "…the fuck?"

6. Some words sound the same, but have entirely different meanings when spelled differently. Never forget.

7. When it comes to explosives, grammatical errors are the difference between life and death.

8. No one reads anything they write aloud nowadays.

9. The fine line between English and Geology is becoming thinner by the day.

10. Descriptive words have all crawled into remote caves and become untamed hermits, never to be seen again.

11. This just about sums it up.

12. People are exorcizing their spelling demons in fun and really misguided ways. EXREME!

13. The writing these days defies all logic, but not even in a cool, James Joyce kind of way. For some, putting two and two together is like putting 1 and 16.5  together, then blending them into a pulp.

14. The fat is really getting to people's heads.

15. The only way to make people understand something is with strippers or breakfast.

16. Thank god public schooling made an impression on some of us, who see every interaction as a teaching opportunity.