It's never to late to spoil yourself. 

Freshen up your lifestyle with these new products from an assortment of industry leaders. 


1. The Toker Poker® is the ultimate 420 Multi-Tool. Finally, your poker, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in one place. Whether you are rolling, dabbing, vaping or smoking a bowl you will always have your tool to poke, pack, and puff.



2. The new Gravity wax pen vaporizer from KandyPens features uber-cool styling, advanced quartz and coilless ceramic atomizer technology, and a temperature control battery with the best warranty in the business.



3. The Kind Creations Quad Oil Drum is a percolating power house. Grown and developed in Colorado, the king of the Kind line is sure to never disappoint.
      (Shown with Halen Trough)



4. Clean cut, wool strap-back collaboration with The Cannabist. Built for Colorado weed smokers with style. Wool exterior, faux suede bill and satin liner. #ChieftonSS16



5. Nuggerham Lincoln returns. Help repeal marijuana prohibition one shirt a time with the BudBeard tee from Chiefton Supply Co. #InBudWeTrust



6. S’mores anyone? Toasted marshmallows, Golden Grahams and deep, dark delicious chocolate all rolled into one sweet heart. Summertime in a chocolate. 10 mg each.



7. Just a spoonful of sugar….. Nine 10 mg THC packets of sugar to sweeten your favorite beverage, sprinkle on your favorite food,
or just to eat!



8. Award winning Re-Leaf tinctures. CBD ratios of 1:1, 2:1 an 3:1 along with our pet friendly THC-A, Creature Comfort. (100% of product proceeds are donated to the Wild Animal Sanctuary.)



9. Artisan-crafted, premium CO2 oil. A potent and flavorful cartridge, made using hand-selected cannabis flower, in small batches. Each cartridge uses 100% same-strain cannabis terpenes for the quintessential cannabis experience.



10. The OG of the industry! Did you see the price? What more is there?



11. Full spectrum 4’ fluorescent T5 grow lamps rated @ 6500K. The perfect color temperature for vegetative growth phases with an energy efficient footprint.



12. This high porosity blend of coconut fiber, perlite, and forets material, creates an aggressive mix that caters to ALL growing styles. One of the most popular mixes in Colorado!



13. Grow your own with clones from Green Tree. Always female, strain specific, potent and stable genetics that will get your garden flowering some of the best buds in the world.



14. Kind Dub Apparel is a Colorado based company focused on supporting local business, artists, and community. Through music and apparel we are able to spread our movement throughout the globe.



15. Eureka Vapor oil is extracted with CO2 technology. Our number one priority is the health and safety of the consumer, therefore our only additive is cannabis derived terpenes. Try Eureka today!



16. Eureka Vapor batteries are Sleek and Discreet with a convenient stylus on the tip. USB charger included



17. The Rooster, Grassroots collaboration keeps it simple. Embroidered font, aztec design under the bill and Rooster’s signature logo on the back make this a unique flat bill.