The 18 most ridiculous costumes we could possibly find for every man, woman, child, and beast.

Halloween is a glorious day of days. There's candy, drinking, and naked-ish people, but the real kicker is obviously the costumes. Here's 18 costumes* that make us love October 31st and pine for it year round until it comes back again.

*Titles have been capitalized as to convey how goddamn much we love these costumes. Think of it as us speaking a little louder than normal to you, excitedly. Screw you grammar, screw you web editor. We're going rogue.

1. Sensible Man

2. Parent of the Year / Gordon Ramsay

3. The Flying Spaghetti Monster from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. If you can make this, you win everything.

4. Human Centipede. But only if actually works. You know what that means…

5. Twister/ Sex Offender

6. Suicide Bomber Cat

7. Imperial Walker / Imperial Thing-That-Poops-in-Your-Neighbor's-Yard

8. This. Whatever this is.

9. #Toosoon.

11. Your Ride to Pleasure Town

12. Stupid, Sexy Flanders

13. Whoa, how did this end up in here?

14. The Best Episode Ever From "The Office"

15. The Old Spice Guy/ Guy Who Thinks He's Being Ironic But Isn't Impressing Anyone

15. Dave Chappelle

17. The Thing That Happens When You Watch Porn

18. You as Snoop Dogg as Dracula, but All Three Are Really High