For those who may not have heard, our friends at Elm and Oak have teamed up with CU's Program Council to give a series of talks on the music industry and music production. The first of these talks featured Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic, and Alex B, or Paper Diamond, and was held last night in Old Main to throngs of CU students, fans, and young DJs. Alex B is also the head honcho at Elm and Oak, or Exclusive Limited Merchandise and One of a Kind, as Alex B put it.

It was a good, fun talk, regardless if you knew Ableton like the back of your hand or had never heard of the software. Dom and Alex talked about how they got started in the music industry, their advice to aspiriing musicians, merchandising and branding, press kits, their favorite venues and festivals, and how they use Ableton Live, and everything in-between. Always the humble local rockstars, both guys encouraged musicians in the crowd to keep trying, keep experimenting, and work keep working hard. Check out other talks coming up throughout the semester at