A lot of innovative leisure this month as summer heats up with beer festivals galore, more critically-acclaimed movies than you can shake a stick at (stop shaking that) and a whole buttload of food and festivals.

There's a proverbial shit-ton of innovative leisure this month as summer heats up, with beer festivals everywhere and more critically-acclaimed movies than you can shake a stick at (stop shaking that). Also, the area is gracing us with food and festivals galore. We said GALORE!

1. Read this book: The Best Team Money Can Buy
After a rocky road of bankruptcy the LA Dodgers suffered in 2012, we can only thank the holy spirits above that Donald Sterling never bought the team, leaving Magic Johnson and his crew to buy the failing enterprise and rescue it from the slumps using the best resource money can buy: more money. Molly Knight recounts the following 2013 and 2014 seasons after its remodel.

2. Read this book: Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and Billion-Dollar Deals
Oh the shit you hear in the elevators on Wall Street … well at least the shit you can imagine is being said. John LeFevre lived it, working as a banker on Wall Street, giving him enough jokes and stories to create a parody twitter account, @GSElevator, to document the Goldman Sachs elevator. He also had enough content to write a best-seller about it.

3. Read this book: Go Set A Watchman
It’s not often that a 89-year-old author of a best seller and classic releases an unpublished manuscript 55 years later. Which is why it’s so historic Harper Lee is releasing her second novel after "To Kill A Mockingbird." In honor of Ms. Lee’s decision, we will be releasing our own book in 2070.

4. See this movie: Mistress America Coming to a theatre near you on August 7th
If you like the HBO show Girls, you are going to like this movie — or at least that’s what Rotten Tomatoes says. In short, Tracy, the lonely freshman girl, hates her first year at college until she meets her soon to be step-sister.   

5. See this movie: Straight Outta Compton Coming to a theatre near you on August 14th
Co-produced by Ice Cube and and Dr. Dre, the biopic is about the rise of the rap icons in N.W.A. Fun Fact: Ice Cube is portrayed by his own son — and we all know life in Beverly Hills is comparable to South Central L.A.?

6. See this movie: American Ultra Coming to a theatre near you on August 21st
Sometimes while getting high, we think we possess some sort of super power. We guess the people over in Hollywood had a similar experience that made them cast Jesse Eisenberg as a hardcore stoner/convenience store clerk, unaware of the fact he is a trained killer for the C.I.A.

7. Enjoy this beer at Fire Pit Friday Biergarten at Anheuser-Busch, Fort Collins, Friday Nights
You know when the lights dim at a restaurant and suddenly everyone becomes more attractive? Same can be said for a fire pit. Every Friday at the Biergarten at Anheuser-Busch, grab a beer and meet some people. You really need it. 

8. Attend this Ansel Adams Event Foothills Art Center, Golden, June 13th-August 30th
Go to your most recent photo on your phone and tell us what it is. It doesn’t matter though, we bet it’s stupid. Take some notes from Ansel Adams, one of the greatest photographers whose work happens to be on display in Golden until Aug. 30th. 

9. Enjoy this Arise Music Festival Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, CO, August 7th-9th
Alright Yogis, music lovers, artists, and everyone else. We’ve heard your complaints about music festivals and Arise wants to change that. We go to festivals for the experience and Arise doesn't disappoint. Look at all this room for activities!

10. Eat this at the Food Truck Rally City Park, Fort Collins, August 11th & August 25th
Have you ever tried to track down your favorite food truck? Sometimes that first-world shit is harder than trying to not get laid on Tinder. Rather than following them like you do with your GPS, let them come to you. 

11. See this musical: The Book Of Mormon The Ellie, Denver, August 11th-September 13th
Shout out to the South Park creators who created a musical more popular than Cats and for making it satirical and entertaining. Thanks for gracing us with your presence again, good sirs. 

12. Bike this way to the Bike and Movie Night Valmont Bike Park, Boulder, August 14th
Attach a basket to your bike, wrap your friend in a blanket and do you best E.T. impression as you ride to Valmont Bike Park for a showing of the Spielberg Classic. 

13. Bike this: the Boulder Bike and Brew Valmont Bike Park, Boulder, August 15th
Why did you buy that bike you never ride? Use it! Get out there, do some things. Afterwards, reward yourself with some brews, food, and music for actually doing something with your life. 

14. Hear this at the 25th Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Lyons, CO, August 14th-16th
Bluegrass belongs in the mountains, which is why Lyons took over the task in 1994 to throw the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival (it had previously been held in Estes). Joyous!

15. Watch this: rugby at the Glendale’s Bruises and Brews Festival Plaza, Glendale, August 15th
Although we don’t recommend drinking and playing rugby, we do recommend you sit back drinking that beer and watching the rugby tournament taking place in Glendale. 

16. Celebrate this: a birthday at Zwei Brewing’s 1st Anniversary Party Zwei Brewing, Fort Collins, August 17th-August 22nd
We f**king love birthdays. Especially when it’s a brewery’s birthday and it’s a week long celebration. Zwei is about to hook it up with new beer releases, live music, and food. So Happy Birthday Zwei Brewing. 

17. Enjoy this: music at Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Salida, CO, August 21st-22nd
It’s like a mini music festival that changes lineups with each stop, headlined by Mumford & Sons. 

18. Celebrate thisAvery Brewing 22nd Anniversary Avery Brewery, Boulder, August 22nd
We remember turning 22. It’s that weird moment after you’re 21 and you no longer have that excuse of being new to the bar scene to explain your behavior and low alcohol tolerance. Luckily, breweries don’t have that problem. Avery is celebrating their 22nd Anniversary with vintage beers and a BBQ. 

19. Enjoy this: many beers of Colorado at the Boulder Craft Beer Festival Downtown, Boulder, August 22nd
We love complimentary drinking mugs so we never run out of cups for our in-office keg … which is not the only reason we’ll be at the Boulder Craft Beer Festival. There will be over 20 craft beers, lawn games, music, and food which is also a good reason to go.

20. Ride this for the The Great Central City Beer Fest Blackhawk, August 22nd
We know we are already above sea level but why not enjoy an even more elevated drinking experience at The Great Central City Beer Fest? With 23 Colorado Breweries and live music, you might want to set up a hotel room in Blackhawk just in case. Warning: don’t gamble all your money away after, there's rent to be paid! 

21. Taste this whiskey at the Whiskey, Wine, and Swine Pig Roast Tilted Kilt, Denver, August 22nd
With all the beer events that are happening in Colorado 24/7, sometimes it’s refreshing to get wasted off a different kind of alcohol. Whiskey. Wine is pretty cool too. Top that off with a Pig Roast and game f**king over. 

22. Smoke this: cigars at the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield, August 22nd
Sometimes you just want to feel fancy. Smoke a cigar, look at automobiles, maybe talk some politics. Then you can go home and continue your life that’s the polar opposite of this. 

23. Take this trip to the mountains for the Breckenridge Beer Fest Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, August 25th
Breckenridge Beer Fest, you’ve done it again. We normally hate leaving our little bubble in Boulder, but you’ve tempted us to make the trip up I-70 for 40+ breweries, live music, a VIP section, and all that food. 

24. Save this ocean and drink beer at Green.Beer.Fest Boulder Bandshell, Boulder, August 29th
Drinking with a cause is the best reason to drink. Cheers to the ocean. We will be humbly drinking our unlimited Colorado craft beers at the Green.Beer.Fest knowing all proceeds benefit the Colorado Ocean Coalition. It makes us feel good. 

25. Enjoy this at Puff, Pass, and Paint 2900 Marion Street Unit 2 Denver, August 29th
You might not be the next Picasso, but you’ll never know until you hit that joint. It’s common knowledge your best work happens when you are high, so get your paint on and create a masterpiece. Oh and don’t hog that sh*t. It’s called puff & pass for a reason.

26. Join this for the Rooster Magazine Block Party The Hill, Boulder, August 29th
Vendors, live music, and the Rooster team? Yea, you heard right. We are hosting our very own block party. It’s free. You’re welcome.

27. Enjoy this: New Belgium beer at the 2015 Tour de Fat Fort Collins Civic Center Park, Fort Collins, September 5th
Sponsored by New Belgium, trick out your bike, put on a costume and enjoy some music after. Don’t worry, there will be beer too.