November 8
Pixar Party
No, there are no kids. Breathe a sigh of relief. This is an adults-only party (pants on, though) celebrating the many joys Disney’s Pixar has brought us through the years. Tickets include a drink and appetizers, 50 interactive elements and if you dress up — well you just win the night isn’t that enough?
Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver
November 9
Josh Blue
“I’m glad I can do this and laugh at myself. Because I feel like a lot of us aren’t able to laugh at ourselves, we’d be happier people if we didn’t take ourselves seriously all the time. Because I can assure you, you are not all that. Because, if I wasn’t able to laugh at myself … well I would have shot someone by now. … ”
Broomfield Auditorium, Broomfield
November 9
Nitro Fest 2019
This past summer Denver was home to the nation’s first, and only, hard seltzer competition — and the hangovers were plenty. But darnit if this state doesn’t have America’s only nitrogenated beer festival too. The event page claims it’s a “Cosmic Formal Masquerade Ball” too, which, okay. Dress to impress. 
Left Hand Brewing Foundation, Longmont
November 10
Timesuck Podcast w/ Dan Cummins
Topics here include: “everything you’ve ever wanted to know about anything.” So … hey there’s not much else to say here because we have space restrictions and podcaster Dan Cummins is way smarter and better with words than we are. 
Comedy Works Downtown, Denver
November 10
Mile High Urban Fashion x Music Showcase
Getting acquainted with the creatives in this town gets harder every year — urban sprawl and all of that. However, New Money Entertainment has you covered. The Mile High Urban Fashion x Music Showcase brings all the best under one roof. 
Summit Music Hall, Denver
November 13
How I Built This w/ Guy Raz
You know what an Uber is. You know what Dippin’ Dots taste like. You know some idiot who Yelps all the time and you know how sick a Burton can whip you down the hill. But … do you know, know how they all came to be? Watch as Guy Raz hosts his insanely popular podcast right there on the stage.
Paramount Theatre, Denver
November 14
Pancakes & Booze Art Show
Ah snap: pancakes and booze? Did Temple go and read our diaries again you cheeky sons of Bs? Because it’s basically 47 pages of “pancakes” and “booze” written in different fonts, the pages a little crispy from the drool. Wait a minute, where were we and what are we talking about? Oh yeah, this event: have fun!
Temple Nightclub, Denver
November 16
Ramen-O-Rama Festival
Gourmet ramen. Say that out loud real quick. Gourmet … ramen. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Well, the team throwing Ramen-O-Rama don’t think so. Join them for a day celebrating the noods every college kid survives on. This is the real stuff, folks. No crying on your couch needed.
RiNo Fairgrounds, Denver
November 22- 25 
Meow Wolf Dark Palace
Likely the biggest experience to hit Denver in years is the Meow Wolf art experience complex nestled between highway ramps on I25 and Colfax. To celebrate, the crew is puttin’ on a big ol’ party. Claude VonStroke, Charlesthefirst, MK, Shlomo, Dirty Monkey — the list of performers goes on longer than afternoon traffic.
National Western Complex, Denver
November 23
Ira Glass LIVE
The 20th century had nightly news icons like Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters and … screw it throw Chris Hansen in there too. And while Ira Glass got his start long ago, the NPR mainstay is still going strong. He will define an era. Already has. Watch him on stage. Be blessed.
Paramount Theatre, Denver
November 29
Home Alone in Concert
So McCauley Caulkin sure turned out weird. But the dude made a killing starring as the little snot-nosed, psychotic felon with shitty parents in Home Alone. Enjoy the lawlessness once more with the entire score performed live. KEVIIIIIINNNNNN!!!!! 
Boettcher Concert Hall, Denver
December 5
A Drag Queen Christmas
Real talk: we are shocked. Sickened even! Can you believe … that VH-1 still exists? We had no idea. For real. BUT, it got some of the case from RuPaul’s Drag Race to get a tad bit naughty this season of Santa and snow and crippling credit card debt. Leave your expectations, and maybe your shirt, at the door.
Fillmore Auditorium, Denver


RIDE: Those Big Westernly Hills
So the state had that one freak snowstorm where it got to a butt-shattering 20-something degrees outside and then peaked in the 80s a few days later. Welcome to Colorado, noobs! Since then, ski resorts have been gearing up for another season ahead — most hoping November is the month for gates to fly wide open. For a complete list of projected opening dates, check out and then mentally prepare yourself for whatever traffic may come.
CHECK: Tire Pressure
@ Your Driveway
Yeah, no shit. Seems simple enough right? But it’s one of those things that gets easily shoved to the back of your brain fridge to make room for all the moldy Netflix you’re about to devour. Low pressure is dangerous. Bad tread is dangerous. Your bumper simply duct taped to the rest of the vehicle is dangerous. Do yourself and everyone else a favor: winter is coming.
SUPPORT: Small Business Saturday
@ Statewide
Alright gluttons, have you consumed enough Amazon for one lifetime yet? Us too. (Not really though. Guilty as charged). The big box madness can only be reversed by one thing: shopping small. Those local business owners are the true lifeblood of the city and should get all the shoppers today. All of ‘em.
BUY: The Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar
Maybe you’re sick of burping up semi-lime TV static, maybe you aren’t. — a company that specializes in beer gift baskets — is betting the trend won’t quit just because it’s cold. Right now, while supplies last, it has a special advent calendar: one different hard seltzer a day until Christmas. We’ve met some of your parents, you’re gonna need it.


November 10
Bowie: Stencil Art Class
So you’re not the sibling who got the talent. Or looks. Let Spectra Art Space help you out with at least one of those. This class features a hand-on learning experience on how to make stencil art and make it shine! Space is limited!
Spectra Art Space
November 12
90s Music Bingo
Quick: what famous rapper burned her boyfriend’s mansion to the damn ground? BRRRRRP. Wrong answer. Looks like you won’t walk away with diddly when the night is done at Monkey Barrel — the setting of 90s Music Bingo. Better get a smarter friend. The competition out there is fierce!
Monkey Barrel
November 17
Colorado Abstract +10: A Survey
In 2009, Michael Paglia and Mary Voelz Chandler released the book Colorado Abstract: Paintings and Sculpture — a go-to manual of abstraction by local artists of the time. Ten years later, the Arvada Center is celebrating it with more artists, and a party. Check out the organization’s website for more info!
Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
November 30
Soft Mount Taxidermy Class
Hey, you know what? People like different things. If shoveling protective filling into small animals so you can display them is your thing, then The Terrorium Shop is the only place to be on November 30. You watch. You learn. You DIY. 
The Terrorium Shop


November 7
Creating Fast & Fine Street Art
Ever wanted to figure out how to make wheat pasted, stenciled street masterpieces like the greats? This event does that and even provides the materials included in every ticket. No need to have much talent whatsoever, let thr pros hold your hand and handle it all.
Street Wise
November 7 – 10
Warren Miller’s “Timeless”
Glad someone else is keeping count because we lost our place in the teens. This will be Warren Miller’s 70th film. (Or rather, his entertainment hub after passing away last year. Respect.) It’s pow-pow season again and nothing could be the gnarlier.
Boulder Theater
November 14
Laser Prince
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to get through this thing called life. Wooooo! Ah, jeeze, here come the feelings. Gone too soon but never forgotten, Prince did more for the world of music than anyone. Go on, celebrate his legacy with lasers. Do it for the purple one.
Fiske Planetarium
November 23
Boulder Holiday Market
Ayyyyye, it’s back! Boulder’s annual holiday spectacular! Look out for seasonal items, handcrafted goodies, gifts, snacks and more from local artists. And if shopping isn’t your bag, there will be live musical performances and a bar or two to dip into when it gets chilly. 
Central Park


November 10
Fundraiser for Furry Friends!
You like puppies. You love tacos. You love putting the two together in a weird fantasy world where things like debt and ex-boyfriends don’t exist. That’s why you’ll be at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on November 10 to not only donate, but maybe take one of the little rascals home with you.
Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
November 23
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow
You know Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as the imitable duo of Jay and Silent Bob. And for some reason, the big Hollywood fancy-pants want to spend the evening with you, and the movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, in Fort Collins. Don’t ask, just go.
The Lyric
November 23
90s vs. 00s Dance Party
Now this is intriguing: is this a dance party where two decades collide to battle one another to the embarrassment of the next? Or do the two get along like some strange West Side Story reboot where everyone gets laid? Guess we grab the neon Spanx and find out.
Aggie Theatre
December 4
Storytellers Project: Holiday Stories
Fort Collins’ Coloradoan likes a good story. So much so the outlet has created a night for just such an occasion. Join them as brave souls get on stage to tell tales of celebrations, disasters, heartbreak or a combination of all the above.
Everyday Joe’s Coffee House