Thick Skin with Mike Stanley – Mar. 19 & 20 – Comedy Works, Denver
What’s that? Actual live comedy shows are back!? Hosted by Rooster’s favorite funny man, Mike Stanely, this no-holds-barred comedy competition features both amatuer and national touring comedians tussling to be the funniest person in the room (and to walk out with a bunch of cash). The result? Good comedy is rewarded and bad comedy… well, requires Thick Skin. The audience wins, either way. 

Hike a 14er (or any mountain) in winter
Yes it might be frigid. Surely, it will be challenging. But, winter hiking days aren’t cut short by summer afternoon showers — and fourteener trails won’t be packed like NYC sidewalks. Just plan ahead, check the weather and prepare yourself for a very serious and very Colorado adventure. 

Become a bounty hunter
In the great state of Colorado, becoming a Bounty Hunter (or “bail bondsman”) is not only legal, but extremely easy — there’s no licensing requirements and next to no regulations. The only requirements are to be 18 years old, a natural born citizen and have no felonies on your record. Almost anyone can do it: just go online and sign up for the 16 hour training. Then start growing out your mullet and a goatee. 

Solve a cold case mystery
Everyone seems to be into True Crime podcasts, shows and movies right now. Why not try your hand at solving a real murder? Go onto the Colorado Cold Case Files webpage and sift through the hundreds of unsolved murder mysteries that riddle this state. Maybe you’ll find a case you can actually crack — or, if you’re like us, you’ll just terrify yourself realizing how many people get away with murder in this state…

Brewery of the month: Wibby Brewing – Longmont
Wibby’s story is as old as the Euro-style beer they brew: an eager student who learns from the masters, takes their knowledge home, perfects it and returns to become the master himself. Ryan Wibby attended brewing school in Berlin, and his Lightshine helles lager has since swept just about every European beer competition he’s entered it in. Today his brewery is known for brewing old world style beer, better than the old world itself.

Take an orienteering course
Ever wish you could pay someone to drop you blindly off in the wilderness, miles from home with next to nothing on your person? Well good news: you can! Take an orienteering course with the Colorado Mountain Club or the Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club and you’ll learn to read maps like a professional cartographer, triangulate, use technical navigation tools and techniques and how to find your way home from just about anywhere. 

Go on a Rooster Blind Date 
As restaurants open up again and as people start actually trusting strangers enough to sit across a table from them, we’re trying to bring back the blind date! And we want you… Or your single friends (they don’t even have to know you gave us their info). We’ll pay for the food. And the drinks. And an Uber home if needed. Hell, we’ll even throw in a couple of Rooster branded condoms if you want/need them. Just sign up and get ready to bring the heat. (Please.)

Spend the night at Colorado’s haunted (and super artsy) Black Monarch Hotel
We’re a year into this pandemic and there still isn’t that much to do — so why not splurge on a cool day-trip to a small mining town on the edge of nowhere? Victor, Colorado is home to the Black Monarch, a historic and wildly eclectic hotel that burned down in 1899 and rose from the ashes again in 2019. It’s a trippy place, and a definite departure from the norm. 

Grow some mushrooms
Growing your own veggies is one thing, but growing your own shrooms is a level of self sufficiency few ascribe to. It’s a vastly different process, with vastly different products: reishi, oyster, lion’s mane, and/or, of course, cubensis (aka magic mushrooms). Some Colorado companies like Toadstool Heights, offer spore syringes to get started; others, like Monster Mushrooms make mushroom growing kits, with all the ingredients needed to get into the game.