Every Saturday
Cards Against Humanity Tournament
Turns out, people still play Cards Against Humanity — die hards they are! And The Goods Restaurant packs them all into its spot every Saturday to compete and win prizes. So much so it’s officially the second largest Cards tournament in America. “My relationship status” from here on out!
The Goods Restaurant, Denver
October 5
Oddities & Curiosities
If you missed it last year, now’s your chance to scoop up some of the strangest products for sale (grandma did ask for a new gator skull this year). Over 100 local and national vendors will be here hawking taxidermied beasts, bone jewelry, skulls, insects, artwork, artwork of bones and insects — crazy, crazy stuff. 
The Denver Mart, Denver
October 10
Swan Lake
For one night only, the Russian Ballet Theatre will feature Swan Lake in Denver. Be whisked away by the brave and stunning performances as it follows the timeless tale of a woman turned swan turned starry-eyed crush of Prince Siegfried — a sensual type of lover. Natalie Portman not included.
Paramount Theatre, Denver
October 13
6th Annual bRUNch Run
Hey, maybe before downing your body weight in waffles and mimosas a brisk 5k or 10k run would set you up proper for the day ahead. At this year’s bRUNch Run, that’s the idea. Forget 4-hour long lines just to sit down and sign up now to join thousands of hangry athletes.
Stapleton Central Park, Denver
October 13 & 15 – 17
Kelsey Cook
“Apparently people have been uploading Hamilton onto Pornhub; like they’re trying to sneak it online that way. They’re calling it Hamiltoe? I didn’t realize there was any market overlap there, like, guys who like musicals also like stepmoms who like getting peed on.”
Comedy Works Downtown and South
October 17 – November 3
Pumpkin Nights 
Last year, this was an Instagram account’s wet dream. Pumpkin Nights is a wild art installation-type thing that uses over 3,000 hand-carved real (and some synthetic) pumpkins to dress up a half-mile path. It also includes fire show, food and drink specials, and even outdoor movie screenings. IT’S HALLOWEEN TIME FOLKS!
Adams County Fairgrounds, Brighton
October 19
The Shining Ball 2019
So … kind of fuck this, but also kind of not. You see, The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is known for being one of the most haunted places in all the land — and poking those spirits with a stick around this time of the year might send some into nervous sweats. However, The Shining Ball continues to be a wildly popular 21+ event. Still not as scary as the daily news, though.
Stanley Hotel, Estes Park
October 19
Dry Dock’s 14er
You newbies think the Colorado craft beer scene is only a few years old? Ha! Rookies. Dry Dock has been slinging fancy brew in town since the Bush era (and we drank a lot back then, too). It wants to celebrate that milestone with a big ol’ party. Climbing walls, live rock ‘n’ roll, even a $30 flash tattoo station: this place will have it all.
Dry Dock Brewing Company, Aurora
October 19 – 20
Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon
For 10 years, the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon has been shredding downtown with the sweet sounds of real instruments waiting for you at the finish line. This year’s headliner is BOMBARGO! — which is just a lot of fun to say out loud. Sign up now at RunRockNRoll.com.
Civic Center Park, Downtown Denver
October 21 – 25
Glow at the Gardens
Trick or treating, fire performances, LED performers, pumpkin carving demos, glow-in-the-dark games, carnival games, crafts, coloring, scavenger hunt *takes deep breath* … what a night the Botanic Gardens has in store for you. (And take home as many pre-carved  pumpkins as you can after the event is done. More info on its Facebook event page.)
Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver
October 25
Zombie Prom
So you butt-bonged a few too many Mickey’s grenades in the early aughts before your high school prom and ended up with a spinning head and vomit on your silk shirt. Happens to the best of us. Get back those precious moments at the Zombie Prom, a twist on convention, this time only for adults.
Union Station, Denver
October 26
Paranormal Palace Halloween Ball
If you didn’t know, now you know. Paranormal Palace has been a Halloween mainstay for 11 years. It features 3 full floors of immersion and décor, 30+ performers, multiple DJs and food trucks inside the party for the munchie-fueled downtime. Don’t believe us? Check out videos of past events at DenverHalloween.org.
McNichols Civic Center, Denver


We could spend all our precious time listing the “10 spookiest haunted houses of ever” but then it takes the fun of Googling away from you (and we believe hard work makes decent adults). So instead, we’ll just say there are plenty of haunted attractions in and around Colorado this year — and Funtober.com seems to have one of the most complete lists of where they are. Head there, search for yourself, be a functioning adult.
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
There’s this crazy new technology out there. Just released. It’s called read-ing and you do it by looking at boo-ks. Words on a page. The movie plays in your head! The author literally lives inside you and acts out the scenes! Sometimes naked! Why miss out on this kind of entertainment when it’ll be available for cheap, and en masse, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on October 18 – 20. The Whale of a Used Book Sale is your ticket to never using the Internet again.
Great Divide Brewing Co.
Must be hard to be a brewer. Just sitting around all day, dreaming up new and exciting flavors to try out. Drinking them. Taking naps. What a career! And all of that dedicated work shouldn’t go unnoticed, which is why Great Divide taps seasonal and pilot brews for the enjoyment of you. Every Thursday join them as they do just that.
READ: Genesis One: A Poppy Graphic Novel
Poppy is, for better or worse, a product of the Internet — YouTube culture specifically. But instead of spiraling into an absent shell of bankruptcy and prison, Poppy has used the technology to transform a rather bizarre story into something unique and artistic. Genesis One is her first graphic novel, a story of where this particular person came from. It also includes a QR code for an album meant to listen to while reading. It ain’t for everyone, then again, neither are you.


October 4 & 11
From the creators of ThriftCon comes Thriftopia, a multi-week market that takes place in the Dairy Block alley. It’s a free event that features a full bar, live music and vendors of ‘70s – 2000s collectible and wearable goods. Be there. Find grails.
Dairy Block
October 20
Bloody Mary Festival
Oh you think your favorite brunch spot and its watered down pizza sauce has the best bloodies? Think again, Leslie Nope. The Bloody Mary Festival will show you wrong with over 2 hours of tastings from over a dozen outfits that live and breathe the best recipes in the world.
EXDO Events Center
October 26 & 31
Trick or Drink Bar Crawl
Here’s the scoop: a bar crawl is exactly what it sounds like. You start at one, end up crawling to the others like the proud son or daughter your parents know and love. With pre-purchased wristbands — and hopefully a decent costume — in tow, you’ll be greeted at multiple venues with cheap drinks and ghoulishly sweaty high-fives.
October 26
Coloween 2019
Here’s one to chew on: Coloween will feature “an entire takeover of the Stanley Marketplace’s twisty turny corridors, themed bars and retail establishments throughout.” And yeah, there’s dancing, drinking, costume contests and a thousand other people about to feel the same as you do the next morning.
Stanley Marketplace


October 19
TEDxBoulder: Pride & Prejudice
As of October 2017, the TEDx library surpassed over 100,000 talks — speakers who share ideas, stories, concepts or tragedies to an audience. It’s a cultural revolution, really, and only continues to grow its fascinating database. To purchase your tickets (soon, we’d suggest), visit TEDxBoulder.com.
Macky Auditorium
October 22
Avalanche Awareness Clinic
Y’all saw how bad last year’s avalanches were in the high countries. If you’re a skier, boarder, shredder, glider, freeze-face or pow maniac, you may want to think about taking this free class to understand the dangers and protocol if it ever happens to you.
Neptune Mountaineering
October 26
Shook Twins: A Halloween Tribute to Dirty Dancing
We uh … whoa, that title sure has a lot of layers to it. We’re still trying to parse it out ourselves. So it’s a twin sister folk duo that plans on paying tribute to the Patrick Swayze classic in a Halloween-styled delivery. We just … shit, we just gotta go see this one. YOLO!
Fox Theatre
October 28
Rocky Horror Picture Show
It was and still is one of the most iconic horror comedy musicals in history. And for one night, not-coincidentally close to Halloween, Boulder Theatre will be showing it in its fabulous entirety. Tickets are only seven bucks. LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAAAAAAAAIN! 
Boulder Theater


October 11
Pottery & Pumpkins Date Night
Not everything this season is all ghoulish and bloody and frightening. It can also be sweet, sensual and decorative crafts with your cutest schmoopie-head! Get after a romantic date night with Garden Sweet creating a one-of-a-kind handmade pumpkin bowl. Includes s’mores. We repeat, tickets include s’mores!
Garden Sweet
October 18 – 27
Haunted House: Fear of the Dark
If you choose only one haunted house this year, make it Chipper’s in Fort Collins. It transforms its 3000 square-foot laser tag arena into the spookiest haunted house in town! And like pumpkin spice lattes, it’s only available for a limited time.
Chipper’s Lanes
October 26
Darkness Pours
For the 4th year in a row, New Belgium Brewing will be hosting its famous Halloween party, Darkness Pours. It features DJ Chris Schooly on the jams, and exclusive beers poured all night: Witches Brew (guava-ginger wood-aged sour) and Carnie's Blood (strawberry-hibiscus wood-aged sour). FRIGHTENINGLY DELICIOUS!
New Belgium Brewing
November 1
Sabotage vs. Guerilla Radio
Oh hello 1990s, so good to see you again old friend. Here’s one for the books; it’s a tribute band showdown featuring the music of The Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine. Each made up of dominating local musicians, the dueling acts will for sure bring back dusty Zima memories or make new ones for the yung’ins.
Washington’s FoCo

[cover photo Colton Sturgeon via Unsplash]