Play a game of Bike Polo

You’ll need: croquet mallets (or something similar), a street hockey ball, cones for goals, a parking lot/empty street and six people — polo shirts optional. Divide up into two teams of three, mount your trusty bicicular-steeds (definitely don’t forget to wear helmets) and PLAY BALL! Players are not allowed to touch the ball with anything except the side of their mallet. Player to player contact, however, is actually encouraged. 


Help “Save Casa Bonita!


In March of last year, Casa Bonita, Colorado’s iconic “Mexican Disney Land” shuttered their doors, stopped paying rent and employee pay-checks started bouncing. Things were not looking good. But, thanks to a group of (very) loyal fans, Casa Bonita might actually be reopening! But they still need some help — check out the Save Casa Bonita GoFundMe if you want to have a part in rescuing this historic beacon of cultural appropriation.


Namaste on the Rocks

If you aren’t getting your fill of Red Rocks from live shows (now that those are a thing again), double down and hit them for some yoga, too. Yoga on the Rocks is held every Weekend through June, bright and early at 7 AM. It’s a very different way to experience the Rocks — moving, breathing, early in the morning, baking in the sun. Speaking of baking…


The Colorado Renaissance Festival

Cancelled last year, but back again now, the Colorado Renaissance Festival is as quirky and bizarre as ever. Some love it for the jousting, some love it for the turkey legs and sword fights — some just go for the people watching. Which, honestly, is worth the price of admission in and of itself. 


Pawpalooza at the watering bowl in Denver (July 7-12)  

Need a furry friend? No, not the kinky kind — we’re talking about dogs — Canine Americans — man’s best friend. Denver’s largest multi-day dog adoption event is going down this month, and there are a lot of very cute puppies looking for happy homes on the Front Range. And this adoption fest won’t be closing their doors until every last one of them has found one. 


Michael Yo at Comedy Works (July 22-24)

Looking for a laugh? Need a little pick-me-up, after this year-and-a-half of madness? We’re right there with you. Luckily Comedy Works is working again and this month, comedian, show host and actor Michael Yo is coming through Denver. You might have seen him on The Yo Show or Chelsea Lately. Or not. Either way — he’s a funny guy. But don’t take our work for it. Go see his show for yourself. 


RockyGrass Bluegrass Festival in Lyons (July 24-26)

Nothing screams summer, more than Bluegrass jams, craft beer, and hip mountain hippies dancing to that alternative old-timey fiddlin’ music. And this year Lyons’ Rockygrass Festival is coming back with a BANG — featuring big bluegrass names like The Infamous StringDusters and the Sam Bush Bluegrass Band, as well as smaller names like the Fireside Collective and Special Consensus. 


Denver Summer Brew Fest (July 25)

Great local beer. A lot of different breweries. Live music. Good times. Happy people. What more do we need to say?


Cheesman Park Art Fest (July 25-26)

Denver’s got a lot of art — and it isn’t nearly all in galleries. Case and point: the Chjeesman Park Art Fest. This massive local festival features 150 different artists, showcasing their crafts, paintings, knick-knacks and thingamabobs. It’s the perfect kind of place to find that whatsit you’ve been looking for, or to get your hands on some singularly unique wall-art and home decor. It’s also an opportunity to help support some local starving artists. 


Happy Hours: 

Boulder: Mudrocks Tap and Tavern, Louisville (biscuit bar every day)

Denver: Reeds South Side Tavern – Lone Tree (all you can eat wings on Wednesdays for $13, and karaoke at 8 pm)

Denver: Stoney’s (all you can eat wings $15 on wednesdays)


Shot of the Month:

“Birthday cake pudding shot”

Bailey’s Almande almondmilk liqueur*

Cake vodka

2 pkgs. of instant Jell-O vanilla pudding

boxed yellow cake mix

a 16-oz. container of Cool Whip


funfetti rainbow nonpareils sprinkles

Brewery of the month: Odd 13 Lafayette

This superhero themed brewery is slinging a lineup of truly charismatic brews. From Codename Superfan, to the Colorado Kid, Jetman Jimmy and Vincent Van Couch — their beers all come with a personality, special powers and strikingly unique flavor. And each has its own custom illustrated hero-character on the label. Marvel ain’t got shit on these guys.