The Classic is Colorado's only blind-judging competition featuring more than 80 of the best strains, concentrates and edibles in the state. Twenty-five judges had three weeks to test entries in five categories: sativas, indicas, hybrids, concentrates and edibles.  Five judges scored each category, with the highest and lowest scores dropped for each entry.  With so much choice bud, there was truly little separating all of the submissions.  We encourage all of our readers to try as many of these strains, concentraes and edibles as possible and judge for themselves.


Grand Champion: Glass Apple
Dandelion's Glass Apple is a truly special strain that is a pleasure to smoke.  Expect a delicious aroma from a bud dripping in trichomes, but what really sets Glass Apple apart from other strains is its lucid, creative and uplifting high.  It's a sativa-dominant hybrid that is balanced perfectly by the indica to avoid any jitters.  The high is immediate, long-lasting and one of the most productive highs you'll ever find. 

845 Walnut St. 
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 459 4676

Second Place: Chem
The mother of all OGs and all things sour or diesel, Chem is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an intense heady high accompanied by an even relaxing body high.  The taste is very pungent with a lemon Pine-Sol, almost chemical flavor. 

Boulder Botanics
1750 30th St. #7
Boulder, CO 80301
(720) 379 6046

Third Place: Sublime
This strain is native to colorful Colorado! Many love Sublime for its powerful and smooth hybrid effects of both body and head stimulation that always calms the nerves.  The taste is very similar to its smell of orange citrus mixed with Fruit Loops. 

North Boulder Wellness
1495 Yarmouth Ave. 
Boulder, CO 80304
(720) 328 0118

Third Place: Arch Angel
Created and bred over the years by BMMD's Garden Goddess, Arch Angel is a triple Nuken back-cross finished with a final cross of a fantastic Master Kush mother.  Arch Angel features a spicy blackberry aroma and a powerful, lung-expanding mocha and berry taste.  The buds boast an ethereal, silvery, light purple shimmer.  Expect the high to creep up on you a bit, culminating in a potent mind and body high that lasts for several hours. 

Boulder Medical Marijuana Dispensary
2111 30th St. Unit A
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 449 2663

Hybrid Runners-Up (In no particular order)

Alien Kush
An out-of-this-world cross of Purple Kush and the rare Alien Technology strain, this indica-leaning hybrid packs a serious punch.  Be aware: Close encounters of the third kind are possible after use!

Root Organic
5420 Arapahoe Ave Unit D
Boulder, CO 80303
(303) 443 0240

Tahoe Alien
The flavors of Tahoe work synergistically together with the cherry and OG citrus, creating a multi-layered smoke that offers subtleties and depth to please any connoisseur. 

Trill Alternatives
1537 Pearl St. Suite B
Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 287 0645

LivWell Kush
Here's a strain that will have you clearing your schedule just so you can more comfortably enjoy it.  The effect is considerably heavy, almost like applying another level of gravity. 

LivWell Boulder
3000 Folsom St. 
Boulder, CO 80304
(720) 389 4960

Boston Bling
This sweet and tangy hash plant cross strikes 20 percent THC and everyone's heart.  Strong, skunky, ripe-smelling buds offer a euphoric, cerebral, long-lasting stone. 

Green Tree Boulder
5565 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, CO 80303
(303) 440 6700

This cross between Skunk No. 1 & Blueberry won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012.  Excellent for all stomach issues, this perfect 50/50 hybrid smells and tastes like the rear end of a blueberry-eating skunk. 

Green Man Downtown
1355 Santa Fe Drive, Suite F
Denver, CO 80204
(720) 842 4842

This hybrid is a sativa-dominant cross between Purple Thai and Afghan Indica.  Its effects are clear, mentally stimulating high without being to racy.  It smells of spice and citrus, and tastes like good earth.  

Green Man DTC
4380 S. Syracuse St. 
Denver, CO 80237
(720) 382 5950

Jack Flash
Taste and aroma is what sets Jack Flash apart.  A citrus and piney ride awaits smokers as they travel through Jack Flash's potent and uplifting trichrome city. 

Fresh Baked
2539 Pearl St. 
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 440 9393

Bruce Banner
A strain native to Colorado, this sativa-dominant strain's dense buds offer a potent hybrid high and a flavor almost exactly like the legendary OG Kush.  By crossing an OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel plant with a Fort Collins plant, Delta9 of Colorado created one of the most sought-after sativa-dominant strains out there. 

Artisanal Medicinals
2042 S. Bannock St. 
Denver, CO 80223
(720) 583 1358

Cow Dawg
A cross of The Farm's Purple Cow and the legendary Chemdawg, the Cow Dawg is one of this shop's strongest and fastest-acting strains.  Small lime-green buds exhibit a particularly musky scent and a strong, hashy taste. 

The Farm
2801 Iris Ave. 
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 440 1323

Bruce Banner
This Colorado-bred super-sativa smells fresh and kushy with a spicy hint.  Its strong effects hit you with a rush of creative energy. 

Boulder Wellness
5420 Arapahoe Ave. 
Boulder, CO 80303
(303) 442 2565

Hawaiian Sunrise
Hang loose with Helping Hands Herbals' unique hybrid strain Hawaiian Sunrise. Sunny, euphorics and super joyous, there's a beach vacation in every toke. 

Helping Hands Herbals
1021 Pearl St. 
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 444 1564

Grape Stomper
Grape Stomper's initial energetic high makes you feel light and capable, but after an hour, the high turns into a warm and relaxing indica experience. 

Lotus Medical
3107 28th St. 
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 339 3885

A true hybrid, this extremely potent and pungent all-encompassing strain carries an engaging and creative head high to offset the almost narcotic body buzz. 

Denver Relief
1 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 420 6337

Boulder OG
This heavy-hitting, in-house rendition of the classical OG Kush is vibrant and refreshed, offering 23.6 percent THC and a long-lasting, kush-reminiscent high. 

Green Tree Longmont
12625 N 107th St. 
Longmont, CO 80504
(303) 772 7188

Purple Trainwreck
This clone-only hybrid is a perfect blend of indica and sativa.  The relaxing body buzz accompanies a euphoric cerebral effect. 

Headquarters MMC
310 Main St. 
Lyons, CO 80540
(303) 823 8653

Ghost OG
Thought to be an offshoot of the Triangle Kush, this cut is considered by many to be the original OG Kush.  The powerful lemony aroma is accompanied by complex spicy ginger undertones and leaves a clean, sweet aftertaste. 

The Clinic
3888 E Mexico Ave
Denver, CO 80210
(303) 758 9114

Sour Grape
Sour Grape offers a rich, spiced grape flavor that gives way to an energetic, euphoric buzz that flows throughout the body.  It's helpful with pain, migraines and stress. 

Herban Medicinals
70 Broadway Suite 50 (Downstairs)
Denver, CO 80203
(720) 343 4372