Welcome to the THC Classic, Colorado's only blind-judging cannabis competition in which dispensaries and recreational stores submit their best strains for a chance to be crowned Colorado's best strain. And these, ladies and gents, are the states best indicas.

Welcome to the THC Classic, Colorado's only blind-judging cannabis competition in which dispensaries and recreational stores submit their best strains for a chance to be crowned Colorado's best strain. More than 72 strains were submitted this year in four categories: sativa, indica, hybrids, and concentrates. For each category, we had five judges sample each strain without any knowledge of what the strain was or where it was from. All of our judges were picked based on legality, knowledge, expertise, community involvement and ability to judge consistently and impartially. So, without further adieu, meet 2014's best indicas.


1st Place: Green Grass // Grape Ape

The high of this robust indica strain doesn't hesitate to match its deep purple color. An intense body high, it’s perfect for relaxation and pain.

2nd Place: Natural Remedies // Banana Kush

OG Kush and Sensi Seeds Banana come together for a mouth-watering, banana-custard flavored indica with an aroma to match. Expect a paralyzing body high with a vibrant, cerebral buzz.

3rd Place: Southwest Alternative Care // Purple Trainwreck

This indica with a fruity and floral aroma promises purple and light green buds plastered with trichomes. A functioning indica, it also comes with a powerful euphoria.


RUNNERS UP (in no particular order)

Boulder Marijuana Company // Orange Crush

Orange Crush is frosty purple and green, and tastes like tart fruit candy courtesy of a Purple Flo/OG Kush combo. Intensely lung-expanding, this strain is terpene-rich and highly medicinal.

Boulder Wellness Center // Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is a dense, full-bodied indica featuring a predominantly OG Kush aroma with diesel undertones. An excellent strain for the end of the day, Kosher Kush imparts a euphoric sense of relaxation some describe as slightly psychedelic.

Fresh Baked // UK Cheese

Since 2012, this Cheese cross has a distinct skunk aroma with earthy and sweet undertones. The smoker will feel their muscle tension relax and their head clear, a truly functional indica.

Headquarters // Matanuska Tundra

The Matanuska Tundra is a heavy, sedating, legendary indica that continuously tests above 20 percent THC. The Tundra has a unique smell and taste with a minty, menthol flavor profile.

Dandelion // Purple Alien OG

 A combination of Alien Kush and OG Kush, this indica hybrid offers an abundance of orange and purple highlights. The subtle fruit flavors are accompanied by a velvet, kushy smoothness. Purple Alien OG is out of this world!

Fox Street Wellness // Banana Kush

Indica dominant banana kush boasts frosted, lime-green, tight nugs. It’s earthy with a pungent, spicy-sweet banana smell and flavor. It’s great for pain relief and as a sleep aid.

North Boulder Wellness Center // Mazar-i-Sharif

Certified. Couch. Lock. This legendary Afghani strain is a heavy indica that will impair all ambitions and miseries. High CBD levels medicate your heart and soul right back to the ‘70s.

Green Man Downtown // Hell's OG

One of the strongest strains on earth, Hell’s lab tests at a staggering 33.4 percent total cannabinoids with super-dense classic OG Kush nuggets. It tastes of Diesel and Kush, for a literally mouth-watering taste and heavy body high.

Green Tree // Bubba Kush

This lady was born before 1998 and boasts the characteristics of a true Bubba Kush strain offering a heavy high that is long lasting and carefree. The effect is intense and relaxing and those preferring a diverse cannabinoidal profile will love these flowers! A cross between Bubble Gum and the original Kush strain; Bubba is almost pure Indica.

iVita Wellness // The White Bubba

This strain’s popcorn flowers are coated with a thick layer of white resin. The buds are small and dense, and the unique effect can only be described as cerebral relaxation.

Green Man Hampden // Cherry Pie

A parent of the famous Girl Scout Cookies, these dark, rock-hard nuggets boast an uncanny odor of decomposing flesh. Expect a heavy indica, excellent for high-tolerance smokers.

Mile High Green Cross // Skunk Berry

Skunk Berry brings a strong, pungent skunk/cheese aroma perfectly balanced by an equally prevalent sweet and fruity blueberry note. Skunk Berry buds are of an elongated, cone/spear shape and range in color from royal purple to pale, light green. The effects of Skunk Berry are highly sedative and relaxing in the body, creating a warm numb sensation, all while maintaining a surprisingly clean, clear-headed effect. Higher doses induce drowsiness and enervation.

The Green Room // Northern Lights #5

Northern Lights # 5 is one of the most well known and sought after indica genetics available.   A very euphoric strain that provides relaxation for the mind, muscles, and body.  The strong, distinctive pungent flavor will keep any smoker coming back for more.

Infinite Wellness // Hash Plant

Hash plant keeps it in da couch. This strong strait indica with euphoric sedating high is great for eliminating chronic pain, and at assisting those with insomnia rest. A refreshing sandalwood taste leaves a pleasant lemony-peppery taste in the mouth afterward.

* The judging for the THC Classic was designed to be as accurate and unbiased as possible. All strains were given to the judges in numbered containers distinguished only by sativa, indica, hybrid, or concentrate. Judges were given three weeks to complete the judging so they could accurately observe the effects of each strain and not smoke themselves into a stupor. Judges used joints or clean pipes donated by Incredibowl to smoke each sample to avoid contamination and consistently asses taste and quality. Scoring was based on a weighted, 100-point scale, taking into account appearance, taste, aroma, and effect. After compiling scores from all of the judges, we dropped the highest and lowest scores, leaving us with three consistent scores that we then averaged to get the strain's overall score. Out of each category, the strains with the highest scores received first, second, and third place respectively.

The grand champion of the Classic was the bud with the highest total score. This year, we'd like to congratulate The Green Room on its grand champion strain Star Dawg (a sativa, pictured in the sativa post) taking home the top score of any strain submitted.